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From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number Four: 2000 and After (2000) Pages 18-34.

Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century

by James Owens

America in year 2000 has emerged as the sole superpower of the world. This may change in the next century. America's Euro-white historical race identity and its unique tradition of self-reliant freedoms, which created our national strength, are now being torn out at the roots: America is rapidly plunging into central-control statism and a mainly nonwhite nation. Our still-strong economy and welfare benefits attract the world's poor or oppressed as never before, millions immigrating annually - mainly from non-white lands. With federal laws firmly enforcing racial integration, America's races mix workably with each other's conflicting cultures. Or so it seems as portrayed in Government propaganda and the liberal media such as TV's cleverly-crafted programs exuding harmonious race mixing. This rich racial diversity is today unquestioned Government dogma.

But beneath America's complacent veneer are raw realities: out-of-control non-white immigration, rising racial friction, rampant black and Latino gang crime, violent and dumbed-down schools, unwed welfare mothers, widespread social dysfunctions and an ever-mushrooming national debt. Much of this is studiously kept unreported in the major media. For example, a rare attack by a deranged "white supremacist" is dramatized for many hours on TV (reinforcing white "racist" shame); but unreported are Justice Department statistics proving black-on-white violence 50 times more frequent than white-on-black. Unwed mothers, living in promiscuity and on Government welfare, are portrayed as "disadvantaged" rather than a moral scandal. Our bankrupting national debt of $5 trillion pays for social disorders such as gun violence in schools and illegitimacy that didn't even exist a few decades ago.1 Skillfully indoctrinated by ceaseless media slant, the public is deluged with and absorbs massive misinformation. Driven by misinformation and Government-enforced racial integration, Euro-whites are rapidly surrendering their country to alien cultures.

The U.S. race crisis will explode — or somehow be defused — in the 21st century. Examined here are our current racial conditions and probable scenarios to evolve in the next century.

The Race Crisis of 2000

All major American cities were white in the 1950s. Today most are mainly non-white. Eastern and central cities such as Baltimore, Detroit and Washington are predominantly black, run by black mayors and officials. The Washington, D.C. area, mainly black, includes also 600,000 Hispanics and Asians along with 300,000 Islamic Muslims - and has the look-and-feel of a foreign capital. A white, in line at a bank or store, hears mainly foreign languages spoken among clerks and customers; he, not they, feels like the foreigner. Entire regions of the southwest, especially California, are mainly Hispanic. So also is Spanish-speaking Miami. Many cities are forced into bilingual, Babel-like and often error-prone communications.

Despite Government mandating of racial integration and school bussing of exhausted children to enforce it, white flight from non-white areas keeps on accelerating. Most whites yearn to live with their own kind and culture in white neighborhoods and schools. They dare not say so openly for fear of being branded "racist," thus jeopardizing careers in a punishing regulatory web where even renting only to tenants of one's choice violates anti-discrimination "fair housing" laws. So do all questions about the racial makeup of a neighborhood when house-hunting (mere mention of such is taboo, so many whites just do "drive by" surveying secretively, and often, before buying). Thus whites quietly abandon the cities and the uncomfortable maze of third- world languages, customs, rap music, alien cultures and the anxiety of kaleidoscopic multiculturalism. Increasingly even the suburbs of many cities are now non-white (such as Prince Georges county adjacent to Washington D.C.). As whites are driven away into ever more remote suburbs, racial friction in cities like Los Angeles is now mainly non-white, a four-way conflict, often of bloody violence, among blacks, Hispanics, Asians and non-white immigrants (especially new illegals).

"Deconstructing" Western Tradition

The Euro-white tradition of values, customs and culture that built America (the "dead white men") is routinely denounced and "deconstructed" in public schools and universities. This is textbook cultural Marxism: first revolution, to smash traditional ideology; then replace it with egalitarian (socialist) statism.2 History is revised to shame the "white oppressor." Designedly ignored is the historical reality that all races have sinned equally as oppressors in distant history but whites were the first to abolish slavery. Ironically, while any hint of "hate speech" against minorities is prosecuted vigorously, the book-length Hating Whitey documents widespread anti-white speech by professors in class openly smearing whites as "the scourge of mankind." All "racism" is evil — unless it's anti-white.

Hollywood churns out cascades of high-imagery movies demonizing white oppressors, dramatizing the plight of non-whites and extolling their peaceful cultures. TV "histories" such as "Roots" (grossly falsified) and equally emotional programs daily shape the public mind, especially the naive young. Floods of prime time TV and commercials subtly portray a flawless balance of races by quota, all merged happily in playgrounds, parties or homes. As a humorous example, Roger McGrath, history consultant for TV's Pony Express series "The Young Riders," recounts in his satirical Chronicles article (March 1999) how historical accuracy about the all-white Pony Express was discarded; it comes to the screen with a saintly all-perfect black rider, Noah, along with Mexican heroes, these in marked contrast with some avaricious or downright mean whites. Such vivid white-bashing and race-mixing images are crammed into American brains ceaselessly and reshape attitudes. But the more fundamental assaults against Western culture &e led by the public school teachers' unions and most universities' departments of English, Literature, History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

Race-mixed Nations: Path to Collapse

As succinctly demonstrated in the book-length Demographic Struggle for Power, "demography is. destiny." Ethnic and racial identity — and the urge to preserve it — have endured throughout history as the central fact of human nature and among the most powerful forces on Earth.3 When the glue of a unifying racial and cultural identity is lost, a nation collapses into a chaotic collection of conflicting tribal breeds and cultures. Such clashing of races and cultures is inherently destabilizing, always ending in a nation's collapse. Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is the epic example of demographic conquest by shortsighted policies of importing foreigners for cheap labor and mercenary armies. Historians of the future will marvel at America's mindless policy shifts of the 1960s, its reckless social experimenting, ignorant of irreversible consequences. Nothing ranks as more surely Euro-white suicide than whites' tolerance of non-white immigration.

A Nation of Non-white Immigrants

The anti-white immigration law of 1965, spawned amid that decade's race riots, psychedelic drugs and chaotic anarchy, launched a flood of non-whites into America. Euro-whites, who were the majority 90% of the U.S. population in 1950, will in 2050 be only 50% of the population. From 2000 to 2050, based on Census Bureau statistics, 90% of U.S. population growth will be non-whites.4

Over the past thirty years, immigration (mainly non-white) sky-rocketed into unprecedented numbers and rates. Since 1990, levels of immigration are quadruple pre-1970 rates. Compared to traditional rates of 200,000 per year (mainly Euro-white and rapidly assimilated into American culture), today's immigration into the U.S. averages over 1 million every year, 35 million since 1970. Mainly non-white and contemptuous of assimilation, many new immigrants expand their own alien cultures, languages and religions throughout America while exploiting its full range of welfare housing, Medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. Their attitude is clearly not to adopt American culture or language but instead that America assimilate to theirs.5

"Chain migration" provides the basic tactic for U.S. citizenship: naive laws declare anyone born in the U.S. a citizen, including infants of mothers sneaking into America just before birthing - and automatically grant citizenship to the mother after the birth. Immigrants then exploit rights to import most of their relatives (who then import theirs).

Most have instant claim to the broad range of entitlement welfare support.

Add also the waves of illegal aliens. Each year 275,000 (border-control officials estimate it closer to 1 million) sneak into the U.S., buy forged documentation and settle permanently, a current total of 5.7 million now residing in the U.S. Illegal aliens claim rights to and routinely acquire welfare and public services such as enrollment in public schools and free medical care.

The simplistic solution, championed by many conservatives, is just to revise immigration laws and enforce border control, aiming at zero-immigration. That minimum remedy should be begun but won't halt the inevitable non-white tide. Because it's already here; 25 million blacks and 31 million Hispanics and other non-white immigrants are now in America as of 1999 — and multiplying at twice the rate of Euro-whites. As bizarre irony, white career women avoid marriage or pregnancies to compete in the job market while paying tax money for welfare support of high-birth-rate non-whites. The demographic math is plainly undeniable: after several generations of exponential growth, even with zero immigration (this itself unrealistic), non-whites and their alien cultures will become the overwhelming majority in America.

Thus, focusing here upon the goal of Euro-white preservation in America; we must examine other options for realistic solutions. These will probably play out in the 21st century as one, or some combination of, the following four scenarios (the first simply abandoning any serious effort for any solution at all): (1) Unresisting acquiescence to nonwhite dominance; (2) Whites' take-back of their country; (3) Secession of states from the U.S.; and (4) Racial separatism within the current U.S. Republic.6

Scenario 1 - Acquiescence and Surrender

Scenario 1 (whites' acceptance of a non-white America) is the most probable future because it is already the officially enforced and unquestioned orthodoxy of the nation. Despite talk-show skirmishing over minor degrees of social spending, taxes and racial policy, the Republican party today is a carbon copy of the Democratic party. Both fully endorse the core concept of racial integration along with the big-government welfare state to support it. No Republican or Democrat dares question this now-established doctrine. Both alike condemn as "racist" any white resistance to this four-decade-old dogma. Liberal Democrats have always championed non-white immigration broaden their base; Republicans now copy-cat the same tactics (candidate G.W. Bush blatantly courting the Hispanic vote). Politicians have long since ceased being constitutional statesmen; they cling ever to their own foremost priority, reelection by any means including non-white voting blocs — no matter the long-range consequences for their country.7

Euro-white Apathy

Strangely, or eerily, Euro-whites don't resist this sure path to their own racial extinction, accepting it meekly without a whimper. Indeed, many champion the racial integration policies which guarantee their own demise. Why such apathy when facing one's own racial suicide? First of all, such a fate seems remote, abstract, affecting only unborn far-future grandchildren. Secondly, massive white-fight still protects their own all-white suburban lives and cultural identity. A head-in-the-sand blot-out of remote futures is safe insulation from far-away consequences. Secluded in all-white suburbia for the present, whites can bask in self-righteous atonement for long-ago slavery and noble advocacy of non-white advances - but at a comfortable (or hypocritical) distance. Third is the daily media propaganda of white evil. Naively buying into misinformation and shamed as "oppressors," whites atone with self-sacrificing "Christian" altruism, voting with kind heart and altruistic sentimentality for every non-white agenda (immigration, minority rights, welfare, integration). Historians of the future will dub it the "great white folly" of the 21st century.

In one word, "altruism" is the Euro-white "Achilles heel" - its fatal "hamartia."8 The warm heart blinds the cool head. America's original "age of reason" slides into our new "age of sentimentality." Among the contributing factors are a soft "feminizing" of America, wild excesses of new "constitutional rights" and high-tech media indoctrination. For a half century people have been absorbing their information from daily floods of sensation-rich TV images and slogans instead of books and in-depth thought. Feeling and emotion overpower intellect and thinking. In an image-mad media world, logic is smothered, slogans replace substance. The ironic result: whites, only 8% of the world's population and shrinking, let their altruism run wild in helping non-white races overwhelm their own everywhere. (In 1920, whites were 35% of world population!)

The apathy of many Euro-whites is merely daily rat-race busyness, too distracted by demanding careers, earning a livelihood and paying unprecedented taxes to the welfare state. No time to analyze America's suicidal racial transformation. And nightly TV, with its constant racial-diversity propaganda, lulls them into comfortable acquiescence.

A final reason for white apathy; appeasement to angry non-white activists seems a slight price for peace and security. Many remember and fear the enraged race rioting of blacks in the 1960s1 burning entire areas of major cities including the downtown heart of the U.S. capital. And, recently, a black activist to a non-white crowd with open arrogance: "Remember, soon there'll be more of us than them;" and California Hispanic leader Mario Obledo: "California will be a Hispanic state, anyone who doesn't like it should leave;" and, at the university brainwashing level, Harvard lecturer and white-liberal Noel Ignatiev widely urging (as in Insight, November 1999) the need to "abolish the white race by any means necessary."

Although Euro-whites are still America's majority race in the year 2000 and could reverse the suicidal trend if they chose to (see Scenarios 2, 3 and 4 below), they probably won't. Or wake up from apathy to their altruistic blunder much too late. By mid-century, two generations of Euro-white young will be fully indoctrinated into Government centralized power and racial dogma. If Euro-whites fail to awaken in time to change the nation's course, the following details of Scenario 1 are logical and readily anticipated projections deep into the next century.

"Big Brother" and Compassionate Martial Law

Well before 2050 the gradual reinterpretation and deconstruction of the Constitution will be completed, totally opposite its original meaning and principles. Centralized Government power and cultural Marxism will be firmly in control of every state, community and individual in America. Court rulings and presidential Executive Orders (EOs), already in 2000 authorizing martial law in Government-defined emergencies, will proliferate into a police-state web. The crime waves, school shootings, terrorist bombings, racial tensions and drug trafficking, rampant in the 1990s, provide the pretense for accelerated Government police operations - and the usual tax hikes to finance them. For efficient law enforcement and its central coordination, the U.S. armed services will expand to control, then later replace, civilian police nationwide. This de facto repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (amplifying the 4th Amendment to protect citizens from federal armed might) began in the late 1980s, then accelerated by presidential EOs into a U.S. "protective" police state.9

Federal data bases, especially at the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), will record every detail of private lives, all subject to Government scrutiny as federal protection of the people requires. Federal agents, powered with high-technology electronics and satellites, will routinely monitor e-mail and Web sites, search homes and businesses for evidence of criminal or seditious activity (as defined by Government), especially computer hard disks. The "Human Genome" project, completed in early century, will soon fill government files with the complete genetic DNA code of all citizens, linked to their social security numbers, IRS and FBI files. Encryption in all private communication is outlawed. Tiny video cameras monitor everyone in offices, factories, agencies and targeted private homes suspected of criminal or seditious activity. As dramatized in the Orwellian world of 1984, suspects include everybody.

The creepy feeling of being watched fades into an accepted way of life. The evolution of the nation into benign statism is so gradual, by so small and seemingly do-good increments, that it's scarcely noticed. People slowly "get used to" the harmless trade-off of personal freedoms for universal Government security and protection. Few even recognize the radical transformation unfolding; then everyone is inadvertently a part of it. In this crawling and novel form of statism, chipping away slowly at liberties (best termed "totalitarian democracy" as voters support a "Big Brother" savior), early group-think mind training of the young in Government schools embeds a trusting love for the all-caring, paternalistic "Uncle Sam, protector of the people."10

With private ownership of firearms long ago outlawed and prompt prosecution of "enemies of the state" routine, crime rates will decrease sharply as will all other dangerous behavior, especially political dissent. Government-controlled media and propaganda in schools condition the public to accept regimentation as protection against crime and sedition.

But Government never ignores the need of people, even if not truly free, to at least feel free. Thus superficial but satisfying illusions of freedom and choice satiate this need in well-stocked malls, food stores, welfare perks and non-stop escapist entertainment, especially high-hyped TV sports specials and musical extravaganzas. Even long-entrenched sexual freedoms since the 1990s are tolerated in a wide variety of "alternative lifestyles" (a citizen's preoccupation with his pornography, fetishes or a "gay" marriage is no threat to core Government doctrine and a convenient distraction from its central goals). However, genuine and core freedoms, such as political dissent, can not be tolerated. All such are incompatible with a safe and stable nation - and are ended. Especially freedom of speech.

Freedom of Speech Muted

"Hate-crime" laws of the 1990s expand into "hate-speech" laws punishing all "politically incorrect" criticism of core Government policies, especially its civil-rights and racial-integration dogmas. "Racist," defined by federal laws, broadens to include any reference to "white rights" of any sort or resistance to anti-discrimination norms (for example, a white father discouraging white-black dating is instantly a racist suspect; so is his daughter for declining the date). The many traditional groups of the 1990s, arguing for fair pro-white solutions such as peaceable separation of the races, will be harshly equated with "white supremacists" and similarly criminalized. The more vocal and leading dissidents will be assigned by Government doctors to psychiatric wards for rehabilitation as "mental health victims" (a benign version of the former USSR's Gulag). Any talking or speech perceived by Government as "racist," even in one's own home, is outlawed. Such speech became criminalized in Britain and parts of Europe as far back as the 1990s.11

Freedom of speech and thought will disappear into a public atmosphere more sophisticated but identical in effect to the 17th-century Salem witch hunts when fear of prohibited words or associations silenced everyone into doctrinal uniformity. No one dared speak up to defend an accused witch (fearful of being branded a witch himself). In 21st-century America, no one will defend anyone branded a "racist" for fear he will be so branded himself and lose his career — or worse. School children will routinely be coaxed in "patriotism" sessions to report any "un-American" talk heard at home (children in Salem often indicted their own parents by merely and grimly pointing at them). In a labyrinthine web of surveillance and intimidation, countless civil-rights compliance units will monitor all citizens and organizations to detect and purge any political deviance.

Government as Parent and Teacher

Early in the next century most parents and adults, male and female, will be full-time in the workforce. This becomes Government policy aimed at national economic strength, enhanced tax revenue and generously subsidized prosperity for citizens. A nationwide federal system of day-care centers and K-12 schools fills the parenting void, training the young in "political correctness" and the skills needed for the economy. Behavior modification methods and mental-health screening, initiated in the 1990s, insure orthodox thinking.12 Home schooling, soaring exponentially about 2005, is banned as disguised teaching of early-age discrimination, meritocracy and racial inequality. Private schools disappear except for a select few Government-approved and closely monitored.

The original right to equal opportunity for academic or economic success and social status is converted into the right to actual egalitarian outcome (equality of results, all citizens provided equal standards of living in a non-discriminating society). Government civil-rights policy continues to be reinforced lifelong by mandatory diversity and sensitivity training courses in all work places.

Many Hues of Brown

The most drastic transformation of America in Scenario I is its population. By century's end, America will be a non-white nation, Euro-whites relatively few — or none.

America in the 1950s was 90% Euro-white. Demographic experts agree on the following projections and future look of America. In 2025 62% will be Euro-white, 38% non-white. Of non-whites, Hispanics (18% of the U.S.) with high immigration and birth rates will outpace blacks (13%) and Asians (6%). By 2050 whites will fade to about 50% of the population. At century's end the process of racial reversal will be completed, the U.S. a fully non-white nation. 13

By subtle indoctrination (such as black-boy-white-girl intimacies increasingly woven into TV sit-corns and constant commercials), interracial marriage and partnerships will become the norm. Whites discard the age-old natural instinct to marry within one's own race and the desire to have children that look like themselves. Most children will be neither black nor white but, as in Brazil hundreds of shades of brown. Commenting on the mishmash of languages and third-world cultures in the border states, Rep. Reyes (D-TX) says "if people want to see what the country is eventually going to look like, they should come to the border." The same is true today of fully multiracial areas like New York City and Washington, D.C.14

Even today, throughout mainstream America, a common sight in stores and malls is white mothers with their brown children; in 1999 10% of blacks were married to non-blacks; 30% of Hispanics and Asians marry outside their race or ethnic group. As every non-white marriage to a white produces brown and genetically altered offspring, the Euro-white gene pool will disappear in America. It will vanish worldwide as well. Today, whites are only 8% of Earth's population, non-whites an overwhelming 92%. With race-mixing patterns normalized worldwide, the white gene pool will continue to disappear — or become entirely extinct.15

Scenario 2- Euro-whites Take Back Their Country

The first, and most probable, scenario projects a new non-white U.S. with little or no resistance by Euro-whites to the eventual phasing-out of their race and culture. But many whites do resist it vehemently and the three strategies of their resistance become Scenarios 2 3 and 4. (Major space in this article has been devoted to Scenario 1 since it can be projected from current trends already firmly in place. The last three scenarios, as sharp changes in course, can be outlined only as general but definite directions.)

Scenario 2, the "take-back' strategy, envisions an abrupt wake-up of Euro-whites to their grim future, especially their grandchildren's in a non-white America. As the extremes of Scenario I unfold (as above), the stark reality of U.S. statism and non-white proliferation is finally unmasked as ominous and intolerable. The silent white majority becomes shocked into awareness, then acutely awake, alarmed, vocal, galvanized into action.

The pro-white movement is spearheaded by a persistent but loose coalition of conservative groups ranging from moderate political activists and theoretical think tanks to the overt hostility of white supremacists and militias. There were over 500 of these groups in 1999 which by early century expand into the nucleus of a viable third political party. 16 A turning point in its surge to power is the growing number of white millionaires aiming their donations toward the critical mission of white preservation in America. Amply financed, the groups suppress their differences and organize into the fast-growing "white preservation" party focused on a single goal: elevate and arouse white consciousness to action and restore the country to its original Euro-white dominance.

Euro-whites are not yet a marginalized minority as they will be in 2050. They still remain the majority, about 65% of the nation. They recognize also that blacks and Hispanics, with merely primitive achievements in their own lands, are dominating America only by white apathy permitting it. If aroused and the will to survive awakened, the white race that built the modern world and still sustains it has the genius of mind to overpower any predatory rival. White-advocacy messages, cascading into the media, enliven this once quiet majority of 200 million. Avalanches of media, TV, e-mail and Web-page information-campaigns sharply unravel the menacing subterfuge of Government tyranny and its race-doctrine propaganda. A short-lived Government crackdown, including the jailing of several high-profile white leaders, backfires. Now martyrs for white preservation, the crackdown tactics fill the media with free publicity. White apathy flares into zeal and mobilized action. White preservationists, first a controlling third-party swing-vote, rapidly become America's major political party.

Taboo in speech for decades, the non-white population excesses and cultures in America are broadcast and challenged openly. So are the core civil-rights doctrines of racial integration and anti-discrimination. The major media, once extolling the glories of multiculturalism, now expose its evils. Intelligence (IQ) differences among the races are fully publicized along with alien cultural patterns such as illegitimacy, vulgar "rap" music, street gangs and primitive third-world languages. No longer hidden from the public eye are alarming crime statistics of the Justice Department (33% of African-American men in their twenties are in prison, jail, on probation or parole). Especially driven into the white-public mind is the sinister aim of race-mixing, the meltdown of the white gene pool and its extinction. In sharp contrast to primitive African and Hispanic histories, all media, especially TV documentaries and biographies, reeducate the public mind about the long ignored genius of Euro-white civilization - from Homer, Aristotle, Plato and Cicero to Galileo, Newton, Locke, Einstein and thousands of others in the arts, literature and science. Euro-whites are awakened to the irony of abandoning their uniquely rich tradition and replacing it with primitive, third-world cultures.

The white backlash unfolds in powerful waves of political action. Not only against the mushrooming non-white population but even more so against the liberal-left superstate responsible for it. And against the IRS, the most enslaving money-gathering machine in history whereby one man's money earned is taken and given to another (a basic form of slavery). Streams of pro-white laws flow out of the preservationist majority in Congress and the state legislatures. Core Government policies and institutions, almost a century old, including the IRS, are systematically reversed.

The pro-white party becomes fully dominant by mid-century. The 10th Amendment sovereignty of the states is restored as the federal government is scaled back to its original minimum functions such as national defense. Civil-rights laws of the past century are repealed. Non-white immigration is halted and all illegal aliens deported while immigration of professional and skilled Europeans is promoted. A major deployment of the Army becomes zero-immigration control of the Mexican border.

While non-whites remain tolerated and retain all protections of the law, often migrating into their more comfortable cultural areas, whites take back and control the power centers of government, industry, the media and the courts.

As Euro-whites regain power, they are ever aware of its volatile risks. Their white preservationist campaign is inevitably confrontational, one race can only win through some loss by the others. As the white race regains dominance, non-whites must become submissive and accept minority status without hostility. Thus the new laws include ample non-white benefits to minimize resentment. For example, public food programs guarantee satisfying nutrition, laws require racially separate but equal schools. The white media and TV daily ingrain soothing perspective, contrasting the limited but far superior lifestyle of America's non-whites with their starving cousins in third-world wastelands. A delicate balance is forever fine-tuned to sustain Euro-white dominance while avoiding repression of the non-white minorities — or their rebellion.

Civil War?

A grim, but possible, variation of Scenario 2 is the breakup of the U.S. in a gigantic civil war among the American races. As pro-white backlash reclaims the country, nonwhites refuse to accept their reduced status. They bitterly resent the repeal of civil rights, loss of affirmative action and federal supports. They are a minority, but a huge one-third of the population, including 40 million blacks and 50 million Hispanics increasingly resentful of the 200 million whites. The white vision of delicately balancing white dominance with non-white submission is scorned - and collapses. Congress sinks into a powerless arena of racial outbursts and denunciations. As danger-signs mount, citizens of every race stockpile guns, survival-supplies and home-security systems. Clashes over race issues and incidents mount, all dramatized by TV media clutching for viewer market share. Tensions boil into raw anger, then open violence and race war.

Race riots, like the localized outbreaks of the 1960s, intensify into bloody city-wide conquests, then occupation of entire regions by a dominant race. California, for example, quickly becomes an Hispanic stronghold. Most cities remain black as whites flee for safety to far-out suburbs. Complex military and administrative functions of the federal government are paralyzed into confusion and inaction as multiracial personnel choose sides, crash computers, disrupt command centers, disable infrastructure systems and deluge the nation's decision-makers with disinformation. No one can predict the outcome - except a bloody race war of unimaginable scope in deaths and structural ruins, followed by a massive breakup of the former U.S. into new nations - provided no opportunistic foreign powers exploit the shattered U.S. lands to win territory for themselves.17

The Civil-War-Two scenario is a desperate extreme for all the American races and must (hopefully) be rated as unlikely. But, as historians warn convincingly, every multiracial empire in history ultimately collapsed, usually in bloody conflict. The specter of a similar fate for the U.S. should mobilize public removal of its root cause, racial mixing (which become Scenarios 3 and/or 4).

Scenario 3 - States Secede from the U.S.

A Euro-white attitude totally different from Scenario 2 drives the last two scenarios: racial separatism instead of supremacism. But the prelude to the separatist scenarios is the same. Early in the 21st century overwhelming non-white expansion awakens Euro-whites to danger and provokes their harsh backlash. However, wise realists recognize it's much too late for whites (or any single race) to "take back" "their" country. With populations of each race now massive and mighty (100 million non-whites and 200 million whites), the totally destabilizing political strife would be as suicidal as an unthinkable Civil War Two. Thus, with all the races on a fatal collision course, the solution of separatism as a core policy becomes the mutually beneficial doctrine. Let's not fight a hopeless "win-lose" war, winner take all - or only ruins. Instead, a "win-win" course. Let the races separate peaceably, migrating into different areas of America.

One, of many, ways this evolves would be in the northwest. Many leaders in these mainly white states mobilize to preserve their white race and culture. They develop a complex, but feasible, plan to secede from the U.S., declare their independence and form a new nation. 18 The plan includes northern California (the southwest is already de facto Hispanic). These states combined contain an enterprising population and economic power superior to many nations of Europe. Despite intimidating threats by the federal giant, the secession plan unfolds, the northwest secedes and soon becomes recognized as an independent nation.

The U.S. dares not crush or impede the new nation in an age dominated by U.N. and its own U.S. precedents sanctifying human rights, especially self-determination and free independence of ethnic peoples. Unlike the 1860s, when Lincoln's imperialism defied the Constitution and smashed Southern independence, self-determination is the sacred principle of the 21st century. For many decades the U.N. and the U.S. have

supported the basic human right of distinct peoples to achieve their own self-determined independence and freedom. Landmark examples began in the 1990s in areas such as the former U.S.S.R., Kosovo, Chechnya, Bosnia, Quebec, E. Timor and Hawaii's independence movement. The legal and moral legitimacy of secession as a political right originated with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Now it is established as worldwide doctrine; no regime would dare try to violate it (its leaders would be indictable by the U.N. war-crimes tribunal).19

Soon after the formation of the white nation, the entire southwest of the U.S. forms a new nation of Spanish-speaking Americans declaring its independence. Blacks and Asians carve out similar territories as their own. Each race and nation, powered by first-rate minds trained for generations in U.S. colleges, manages its own institutions, develops effective executives and builds prosperous economies of its own. As each new nation establishes strict immigration controls and policies favoring its own race, the young of each race gradually for decades migrate to the nation of their own kind with its enhanced practical opportunities for maximum prosperity and familiar relationships with their own people. The old and resistant, misplaced but reluctant to migrate, just die away with no effect on the general immigration patterns of the young.

Freed from the labyrinthine shackles of U.S. government regulations and its racial integration, each new nation surges forward in its own way with its own kind. "Racial diversity" was always a hollow myth in the multicultural U.S., all races melting into brown by interracial breeding; now diversity becomes real and permanent in the new nations. The new nations discourage or outlaw interracial breeding and enforce strict border controls; genuine diversity of the races, their gene pools and cultures prevail. For example, the Southwest nation makes Spanish its official language, most of its TV newscasters are Hispanic. It also chooses to become a frankly socialist welfare state. The white nation reinstates its original Constitution, reasserts freedom-of-association rights and capitalist self-reliance (moderated by antitrust laws), dismantles its welfare system and the income tax. The U.S., mainly east-coast states, remains a highly centralized and multicultural "rainbow" nation, basically similar to its 1990s.

Late in the century, separatism firmly established as national policy in all the new nations, each American race lives with mutual respect for the others, linked in cross-border economic cooperation, treaties, a common "dollar" currency and mutual defense which form a special "American Union" similar to Europe's. But finally the races live separate, now permitted to progress as truly distinct cultures, rescued from the racial meltdown and "Brazilianizing" of the U.S. 14,20

Scenario 4- Racial Separatism within the U.S.

As the Scenario-3 strategy for secession gains unstoppable momentum and develops into a detailed and "doable" practical plan, the serious threat of breakup of the historic U.S. creates a revolutionary sea change in U.S. politics. Old liberal allegiances unravel into massive rethinking of national policy options. Non-white and liberal-party leaders no longer doubt that Euro-whites are formidably mobilized and determined to protect their culture (by any means including secession). They change course sharply in search for realistic compromises to save the union - and their own prosperity, dependent upon Euro-white talent and support. For almost a decade, candid debate over the rights of the various American races and realistic compromises pervades Congress, state legislatures, university faculties, think tanks, business groups nationwide — and nonstop TV and radio talk shows.18 Seeking practical solutions that work, all sides abandon meaningless bumper-sticker slogans and "curse words" ("racist," "victims of slavery," "supremacism," "IQ superiority," "evils of discrimination" and the like). Euro-whites harbor no desires to dominate any race, only to live separate with their own kind and culture. They long ago purged their ranks of white supremacists bent upon domination, advocating instead peaceable separation of the races, each respecting the rights of the others. Responsible leaders of each race shed the self-defeating conflict of the past and now seek peaceful "win-win" cooperation toward a common-sense solution. Unlike the 1990s, when propaganda falsely equated "separatism" with "racist white supremacism," that critical distinction is now clarified, accepted and no longer distorted.

In the debates leading to Scenario 4, all sides adopt a spirit of genuine compromise. Euro-whites focus solely upon three imperatives: repeal all federal anti-discrimination laws, fully restore 10th Amendment powers to the states and slash federal spending (except for national defense and paying down the national debt), shifting tax revenue and spending options back to the states. Central federal control of local communities is to be abolished along with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Education, Housing and Urban Development and the like. Schools are to be run by the states and local communities. Private schools and Home schooling are to flourish. As major concessions, whites support the principle of equal Opportunity not outcome) for all, specifically separate but equal schools. New laws, while permitting all-white or all-black or all-Hispanic schools, require every state to provide equal funds per student of any race to all schools. So, similarly, for allocation of public funds for other public services such as neighborhood hospitals, playgrounds and transportation facilities. 21

The spirit of the nation returns to equality of opportunity, self-reliance and personal pride. Scaled down sharply are Government-controlled equal outcomes and welfare dependency. There are, to be sure, severe adjustment problems and growing pains for decades as power shifts from the federal government to the newly-sovereign states — and as people migrate into communities of their choice, earn their own niche and new race relations replace the old civil-rights bureaucracies.

But an entire structure of new laws emerges, states' powers and freedom of association are restored. Euro-whites and every race regain the right to form communities, neighborhoods, schools, private clubs and associations of their "own kind" (or mixed "rainbow" areas if they wish) without Orwellian charges of discrimination. Unlike the ultimate meltdown of the races into a single hybrid, the inevitable consequence of the old forced-integration folly, genuine racial diversity is now preserved in the diversified states and communities.

With the l0th Amendment fully revived and thriving as originally intended, the states become a multitude of "social laboratories," testing and fine-tuning a rich variety of community policies, laws and practices. Those which work in one state are imitated and modified to work in others. Those which don't are discarded. Never again does the U.S. collapse into a federal monolith enforcing unquestioned but wrongheaded and unworkable ideas throughout the entire nation. The U.S., newly resurrecting the profoundly wise principles etched into its founders' Constitution, evolves into an ever stronger and united Republic of locally governed states, each race free to prosper in its own way, with its own kind, by its own choice.


Hard, real-world examination of the four scenarios (or combinations of them) strips away quickly all illusions of simplistic solutions. Especially the details of each scenario, certain to be awkward, traumatic, transforming every individual, neighborhood, school and institution. Our daily lives will be profoundly altered - even our basic identities at our roots about "who" and "what" we are. Every one of the four scenarios inflicts transformations upon American life with disruptions and pain akin to the eight-year Revolutionary War of the 1770s or the long aftermath of the Civil War. But, no matter how shattering the impact, America's racial clash is unavoidable, bound to climax in the next century with vast rearrangements of its structure, populations, laws and culture. Racial tension has been smoldering in America for more than two centuries; its waiting explosion is far overdue, much like a volcano flaring warnings of its inevitable catastrophic eruption.

The nation's founders struggled with this multiracial dilemma two centuries ago, warning often that "this nation cannot exist both black and white." They attempted for fifty years to free and repatriate blacks back to their African homelands.22 Lincoln's desperate (and unconstitutional) civil war not only set the nation's course toward a federal superstate but, despite 600,000 dead, merely shifted the racial tension from one intolerable form of racial conflict to another. And so it has festered since, under political band-aids ever avoiding painful but full-cure surgery. For a hundred years the white majority continued to curb tensions by reluctant, incremental, then sweeping, concessions to non-whites. Unless whites mobilize to reverse current trends, the balance of power will soon become drastically inverted: non-whites finally the majority, in full control of the nation. In the 21st century, America will be transformed into a non-white nation. So will the once white nations of Europe.15

Band-aid temporizing and delays are now exhausted. Procrastinating a final settlement of our centuries-old racial dilemma is no longer possible. It will end, soon - one way or another. One, or a combination of the four scenarios, will happen in America's 21st century. The unalterable reality of history will prevail, that "race matters" - profoundly. Each race, by its inner nature, by eons of genetic and cultural formation, becomes deeply programmed at its roots to favor its own kind, to defend with primal force against all alien threats. Those with superior self-preservation traits, skills and pride of race endure; the weak die away.

The natural laws of history demonstrate that peace, stability and progress in any nation are possible only when one racial group absorbs the other (Scenario 1) - or dominates it (Scenario 2) - or they manage to peaceably separate from each other (Scenarios 3 or 4). These are the options. One will triumph in the next century.

The Euro-white race, with its unparalleled achievements of mind and innovation throughout history, still contains the unmatched capability to preserve its race and culture if the will for it can be revived. But, by pathological apathy and altruism, whites are fast abandoning that essential will. And, as all history proves, that is the ultimate determinant for survival — in war or peace.

If Euro-whites judge their ultimate extinction an evil outcome, as surely they should, then Edmund Burke's insight into the ultimate consequences of apathy is gravely apt: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."


1. In traditional America, illegitimate births were a rare and concealed scandal. Today it's routine ("normalized deviancy"), outrageous and very public in welfare case loads. Seven out often newborn blacks are illegitimate, an astounding 70% of black children born by unwed mothers, fathers unknown, a ruinous collapse of families and sure path to youthful crime and more cycles of unwed mothers on welfare. For an analysis of the new violence-culture in schools, see "Growing Up in Today's America" (The Washington Post, April 22, 1999). For the crime statistics, see the comprehensive report by the New Century Foundation, American Renaissance, July 1999. Or request it at: P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA 22124.

2. "Cultural Marxism" is the social and political version of Marx's revolution in the economic order. Its goal is a cultural revolution, dismantling the traditional culture of Western civilization and its values, then replacing it with a new egalitarian world order. It has its origins in the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School of Social Research in the 1930s and its leading theoretician, Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse emigrated to the U.S. and into Columbia University's Institute of Social Research. Marcuse taught that most social ills and evils are caused by the established order which in must be demolished; that the only effective challenge to it will come from students and minority groups. During the social upheavals of the 1960s, his writings galvanized protesters, driven by his concept of "critical theory" (systematic criticism and tearing down of the established order, such as meritocracy, the "dead white men" and most American traditions; that there is "no such thing as truth, the things we think are true are only the constructs of dominant [white] groups") .His influence today still pervades most public schools, universities and media as they "deconstruct" Western civilization, replacing it with the "truths" and values of egalitarian multiculturalism (see "The English Department Virus" and "Media Fakes and Falsified Journalism' in American Enterprise, May 1999). The quote in text above is from David Horowitz's Hating Whitey (1999); see also his summary in The American Enterprise (November 1999, p.45) and Insight (November 15, 1999).

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6. These scenarios were alluded to briefly in this author's "America Dismantled in Fifty Years," Occasional Papers, Issue # 3, 1999. Scenario 3 (secession of states) was earlier amplified in detail in my articles, "New American Nations" OP #1, 1997) and "Racial Separation in a New America" (OP #2, 1998). See also Footnote 20.

7. Universal suffrage was explicitly avoided by the founders as mob rule by the ignorant. They feared anarchy even more than government tyranny. With voting rights universal today, politicians must sacrifice the nation's long-range health to parochial and self-seeking interests such as exploiting welfare aid. Politicians yield to non-white agendas - or don't get reelected. See "America's Fatal Flaw: Universal Suffrage,"' James Owens, The Executive As Public Philosopher, 1993 (or access it at - owensva/separatist.html) and Glenn Montecino's "Repeal Universal Suffrage" in the Nationalist Times, August, 1998. See also professor (Legal History) Stephen B. Presser's precise analysis of the erosion of the Constitution's protections against populist "mob" rule (Chronicles, October 1999). He notes, for example, that "the 17th Amendment, by mandating the direct election of senators, removed an essential check on [populist] democracy and led to an upper house moved more by opinion polls than constitutional obligations, as we saw vividly in the recent travesty of the Senate trial on President Clinton's impeachment charges." (Italics added.)

8. The reference to this central Shakespearean concept is not casual. What makes Shakespeare's (and classic Greek) tragedies so perennially profound is their essence, "hamartia, "the one fatal flaw in an otherwise superb human which leads to avoidable but self-inflicted ruin. In Othello, for example, it is jealousy; in Lear, vanity. For Euro-whites as a race, despite their superb accomplishments in science, literature and the building of modem civilization, that one fatal flaw is naive altruism, yielding nobly, politely, with no resistance to nonwhite demographic conquest - until they nobly die on the world stage.

9. As of 1999, federal military personnel, by presidential executive orders, are routinely empowered to intervene in civilian police operations (Insight, October 25, 1999). Similar centralized policing operations (and financial policies) are being established at the international level, now known as the "New World Order," engineered by multinational corporations, the secretive Trilateral Commission and the U.N. (Chronicles, November, 1999, p.26).

10. "Uncle Sam," the propagandized personalizing of the federal dictatorship, will function the same as the paternalistic "Big Brother" ("BB") in Orwell's 1984 novel - or 'Uncle Joe" for Stalin in the old USSR.

11. See "Trial by Fury," Reason magazine, October 1999

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13. Statistics from U.S. Census Bureau. See also USA Today, cover story, September 7, 1999

14. Brazil's 165 million are today a mix of over a hundred races as identified by official government census categories. The original Portuguese, Spanish and Italian whites of Southern European ancestry compose an influential but dwindling minority. The majority, by generations of interracial breeding, is a brown amalgam of black, white, native Indian and countless hybrids of the above along with a maze of cultures including African worship of tribal spirits. Brazil no longer has any unifying racial identity or stabilizing culture. See cover story on the racial dilemma in Brazil, Washington Post, Magazine section, August 1, 1999.

15. Non-white birth rates so exceed whites' that extinction of the white race worldwide is foreseeable within a century. Whites are only 8% of today's world population and declining each year. The pattern of accelerating non-white immigration into European nations (England, etc.) emulates America's. Using, as the demographic standard, 212 live births for every 100 women in order to maintain an existing population's numbers, America (203, below replacement level) is among the highest of white nations such as Germany (130) and Spain (127) compared to India (340) and Mali (710) - and Mexican Americans within the U.S. (331). (See Decline of Males, Lionel Tiger, 1999.) As historians of the future update the anthropological list of extinct human races, whites of the 21st century will be credited as the most kind and gentle in accepting, even engineering, their own extinction.

16. The Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama (, a watchdog group tracking pro-white activists, lists over 500 organizations in the U.S. (as of 1999) which they designate as "white supremacist."

17. For book-length speculations on the probability, process and outcome of a second U.S. civil war, see Thomas Chittum's Civil War Two. The drastic upheaval of a civil war would probably unleash racial cleansing of the nation by the victors, including advanced eugenics-type and DNA-altering methods. See also the more temperate analysis, Alien Nation, by a former Englishman, now U.S. immigrant, Peter Brimelow.

18. Secession of states and the orderly transition of federally based institutions to the new nation will, of course, require excruciatingly complex and detailed planning of hundreds of practical matters beyond this article's space limits, such as: rebates of U.S. Social Security monies to invested individuals, pro-rata servicing of the old national debt, design of new banking, tax, legal and treaty systems for the new nation and countless similar adjustments. Nevertheless, all this is quite feasible in our highly-sophisticated states.

19. The legal case for the legitimacy of secession is sound today and has been since the Constitution of 1787 (despite Lincoln's treasonable violation of it). The founding states voluntarily joined the Union and could voluntarily leave it. Nowhere in the Constitution is the right to secede denied. See Alan Buchanan's Secession (1991); also Joseph Sobran's articles 'The Case for the Confederacy" and "Honest Abe" in the Conservative Chronicle (Aug. 25 & Sept. 1, 1999).

20. More detailed elaboration of Scenario 3 is already available in previous issues of OP (Occasional Papers) and not repeated here. For example, Richard McCulloch, author of The Racial Compact (1994,) and referenced by me in OP-#1, 1997, envisions an ultimate evolution of five new nations; Michael H. Hart (OP#2, 1998) three (white, black and "rainbow").

21. This moderate and sane "separate but equal" solution to poorly funded southern black schools in the 1 950s can prevail almost a century after the Warren court's wrongheaded 1954 Brown V. Board of Education extremist solution (like using an atom bomb to demolish an obsolete building). It did achieve fair funding but by the reckless experiment of racially integrating all schools, then the nation as a whole, launching a century of racial conflict. A recent book-length report on public resistance to racial integration, written by two prointegration authors, one white and the other black, shows that four decades of forced integration have failed. The authors conclude it was idealistic but wholly unrealistic (Leonard Steinhorn and Barbara Diggs-Brown, By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race). The Brown V. Board blunder is promptly reversed in the new separatist America.

22. American leaders established the "American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color" in 1816. It functioned until the administration of Lincoln (who also supported it and its repatriation aims) but ended with the Civil War. For details, see Occasional Papers #3, 1999, P. 16.