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br>From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number 3: After Fifty Years Pages: 6-17.

"America" Dismantled in Fifty Years

by James Owens

The word "America" herein stands narrowly for a unique system of ideas, principles and values that formed a nation's original Constitution, only incidentally as a geographical place. That nation's people, "Americans," who honored and lived by that original Constitution, were the essential "America," not their particular place and time in history. At the time of the Constitution's ratification, the words "America" and "U.S.A." coincided in meanings. It is logically conceivable that "U.S.A.," the place, could cease to be the same as "America," the basic values and principles.1

The Original "America"

"America was a rare society rooted in unprecedented individual freedoms guaranteed by its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Americans were sustained by pride in their self-reliance, hard-work ethic, personal enterprise, full responsibility for one's actions - and independence from either the help or hindrance by any interfering government. Most were self-employed farmers, craftsmen or tradesmen depending on their own decisions and management, not hierarchies of Government or other bosses. A minimum federal government was the ideal, the "least government being the best government."2 The critical 10th Amendment guaranteed the sovereign rights of the states along with local freedom and control by the people over their everyday lives. America was a republic, a federation of autonomous states, the United States of America. Federal powers were severely limited to a few common needs for national security, orderly commerce among states, and the like. Any sort of all-powerful centralized empire ruled by autocrats at the top of a hierarchy was explicitly rejected.

Fiercely protected were the rights of every individual to what he earned, full control of the property he owned, private management of hiring, firing, renting and selling. Especially protected was the highly prized freedom of association, to discriminate and decide for oneself among personal choices of associates and neighbors with no federal interference. Reasonable sales and tariff taxes maintained minimum government functions, but taxes on any individual's income or property were prohibited by the Constitution.

A Homogeneous Euro-White Nation

America also was shaped by a race of white Europeans, already steeped in the traditions of the most advanced civilization and intellectual culture on Earth. Their ancestors created human history's summits of philosophy, science, arts, engineering, architecture, language and literature. Along with the principles of the Constitution, the glue binding Americans into a single strong people was that they were "one united people, a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and custom s"3 Waves of immigrants poured into America, almost entirely of white European ancestry. Blacks, although freed after the Civil War, were a small minority in a white world, their cultural roots African and alien. Even when provided the opportunity of repatriation to their ancestral homes, blacks chose a subordinate but comfortable status in America rather than returning to the primitive and fearful barbarism of Africa.4

The American experience was hardly flawless. As America matured from its birth into the U.S. world power of the 1950s, its history had been sadly tarnished with the growing pains of dissension among states, political corruption, slavery or servitude of both blacks and whites, lawless territories, broken treaties with Indian nations, economic crises, the futility of the savage Civil War and Lincoln's virtual repeal of the 10th Amendment.5 But the American system was largely self-correcting, gradually fixing its faults Its and, at its solid cultural core, remained essentially the original "America" throughout its turbulent growth. Until the 1950s.

The U.S. and "America" Severed

The reversal of the 10th Amendment fueling the Civil War became the dormant and alien seed which grew into the giant federal monolith of today's U.S.A. As the 1950s and 1960s ushered in, U.S. federalism burst forth into an all-powerful federal monster mandating, controlling and regulating individual lives from commerce and income taxes to racially integrated schools and neighborhoods nationwide. The U.S.A. was rapidly transformed into a centralized "empire," the very opposite of the founders' original Constitution and "America."

The past 50 years have eroded away the solid core of the original Constitution, its principles - and the racial foundation of the original America. The U.S.A., circa 1999, is no longer "America" in spirit, culture, values or in fact

Then (1950s) and Today (1990s)

In 1950 virtually all American cities, towns, schools and institutions were mainly white, deeply infused with the solid traditions of Euro-white culture and the unique spirit of the original Constitution. Each race associated with its own kind, race-mixing avoided, interracial "dating" or marriage unthinkable — even outlawed in many states. Personal choice of associates and discrimination remained a prized Constitutional right — along with the rights of states and individuals to control their own lives with very little interference by federal Government.

Half a century later, by thousands of incremental capitulation by self-effacing whites to federal power and minority races, most U.S. cities and their cultures have become majority nonwhite, largely akin to primitive third-world habitats. The American Euro-white culture gradually yielded to a strange and ugly panorama of widespread promiscuity, illegitimacy, teenage mothers, fatherless children, drug cultures, street crime, dumbed-down schools, illiteracy, and massive welfare as a way of life for millions. Much of life in the U.S. at century's end is a bizarre and daily outrage to people who remember the orderliness, standards, family values, basic natural morality and no-nonsense schooling of the 1950s. Countless human behaviors, once shocking and banned as deviancy and never tolerated in the traditional value-system of the 1950s, are now "normalized deviancy" in today's valueless society. "American" values collapsed by slow, day-by-day increments, year-by-year acceptance of every new wave of abnormal lifestyles as inevitable. We "caved in," became "used to it" apathetic and resigned. Each social novelty reluctantly tolerated became embraced, decades later, as mainstream normalcy.

Signs of the Times

For example, an out-of-wedlock birth in America fifty years ago was rare, a shameful family scandal, carefully hidden from public view. By the 1 970s, I of every 40 white children and 1 of every 5 black children were born illegitimate, fatherless, most very public, the mother and kids listed openly on welfare roles. Now, in the late 1990s, 1 of 5 white children is illegitimate, as are 2 of 3 newborn blacks. Insight (March, 1996) reported an astounding 69% of black children born to unwed mothers, fathers unknown, a ruinous collapse of families and sure path to youthful drugs, street crime, prison and more cycles of unwed mothers on welfare and breeding promiscuously. Such a barbaric social scene would be unthinkable in the 1950s; today it's "normal," an ugly but accepted reality of our new society.

Fifty years ago, an American's freedom of association was a sacred right, the word "discriminate" still highly valued. Today it's perverted into an illegal evil. Yet the dictionary meaning of "discriminate" is simply "to choose," the personal election of one among many' options; in short, the essence of individual freedom and at the core of original "American" rights. In the 1950s, real estate ads routinely included phrases like "discriminating neighborhood" to assure buyers a community matching their own kind, class and lifestyles. Self-chosen community ordinances controlled the character and protective restrictions of one's intimate personal world, one's home, immediate neighborhood and schools. Today the federal government, not free individuals, orchestrates the makeup of all neighborhoods nationwide by means of its "fair" housing laws and criminal prosecution of anyone caught discriminating in any way. We still cling to some illusory crumbs of personal freedom in the peripheral world of choice (our clothing and food purchases in stores, car buying, other economic choices), but long since criminalized by government are the basic freedoms of discrimination in our personal associations, control of our local businesses, neighborhoods and schools.

The Social Engineering of Schools

Schools in the 1950s were strict, disciplined, no-frills institutions aimed solely at educating youngsters in the basic tools, skills and traditional values needed to develop into self-reliant adults. Standards were non-negotiable essentials demanded by both parents and teachers. Every child did his homework (or faced severe penalties), performed and achieved all standards in rigorous testing. No child was promoted to a higher grade without passing tests proving mastery of the prior grade. Nobody graduated from High School without demonstrating proficiency in all major subjects, especially competent reading, writing and arithmetic. School was hard work and instilled the work ethic early as a lifetime habit. Most children walked to school, lunchbag and bag of books in hand.

Today, the contrast is startling. By government mandates and Civil-Rights laws, kids are bussed far from home, bewildered and exhausted. Public schools are dedicated mainly to diversity training, teaching kids to mix and integrate with all racial and ethnic groups. President Clinton lauds Virginia's Fairfax County, with kids speaking a hundred different languages, as the new educational model. Multicultural conditioning by liberal social engineering is the official goal of schools, not basic education. Classes are dumbed down as required to accommodate an incompatible mix of languages, home training and cultural attitudes. School breakfast and lunch are the main interests of students along with pecking-order skirmishes backed by threats or use of gun or knife. Teachers in quiet fear for their lives, abandon rules of school discipline or homework requirements and yield the classroom to the toughest bullies.

In recent years U.S. students have become notorious for consistently low scores in math and other basic subjects when tested among their peers in Europe and Asia. A bleak omen for the U.S. future is this annual and appalling statistic: 20% of High School graduates literally can not read or write well enough to handle the simplest of jobs. These millions of unemployables, driven by high-charged hormones but primitive education, pour from public schools into ghettos of unwed moms, welfare, illegal drugs and street crime. Such social perversions are now accepted as "normal," but require endless federal welfare programs as social remedies against the fears of mass poverty and rioting.

Even more flagrant than the dumbing-down of students is the similar condition of their teachers. Although the powerful teachers' associations oppose testing of teachers as a threat to tenure and job security, the state of Massachusetts tested prospective teachers for the first time in Spring 1998 on reading and writing skills and on basic knowledge of subjects they would teach. State education officials were astounded that 59% of the 1795 college graduates who took the test failed to pass the three parts. The state Education Commissioner reported the results as "painful" for reading and writing tests "simpler than those given to high-school students." 6 Many applicants wrote sentences without even a noun or a verb. Misspellings were rampant such as "horibal" and "compermise." The results are especially troubling since many teachers are nearing retirement age, and two million new teachers must be hired nationwide during the next decade.7

Social Extortion: Welfare for Peace

Fifty years ago poverty was never an excuse for crime. The poor worked their way into a meaningful livelihood by self-reliant determination and mutual support from extended families and extraordinarily hard work of any kind when that was the only honorable alternative to poverty. Over the last half-century, liberal social engineers began to assume the opposite: the core cause of crime is poverty and society's failure to eradicate it. The ever-expanding federal money-machine spewed forth "wars on poverty" in the form of massive welfare programs and federal bureaucracies to administer them. Government taxation of workers soared along with social spending to redistribute income from taxpayers to the poor. A large percentage of the poor was black. The antidiscrimination laws of the Civil Rights movement further fueled a host of socialistic schemes such as public housing, food stamps, school lunches, Medicaid and welfare checks. Decades later, Government's wrong assumptions and failed programs have produced the most massive dole-dependent population in history. Mandated by Government tax and other laws, welfare spending in the 1990s averaged over $300 billion per year to support tens of millions of non-working adults. Since 1965, society has spent a vast total of $5 trillion, reducing poverty by Government handouts rather than by firmly requiring self-reliant work.

Despite this gigantic welfare system of Government assured income and security for the idle or unemployables, crime rates in the U.S. have soared. The "welfare-for-peace" deal didn't work. Crime is notorious throughout the U.S., we among the most crime-ridden of civilized nations. Violent criminals, armed with far more "Civil Rights" than their victims, are emptied onto the streets to repeat their crimes. As a grim summary, welfare spending since 1965 has grown in real terms by 800% while the number of major felonies per capita today is roughly three times the typical rates before 1960. The evidence suggests that welfare spending, by promoting idle dependence and family breakup, causes crime rather than deterring it.

Increasingly, U.S. crimes are interracial. U.S. Department of Justice and FBI official crime statistics, rarely reported in the liberal media, are ominous: about 6 million violent crimes each year in the U.S., one million of them interracial crimes. Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate of whites' murder of blacks. The liberal media and TV report or dramatize in vivid, unforgettable images mainly the relatively few white-on-black atrocities, rarely the black-on-white violence (any such anti-black reporting risks charges of racism). On a per-capita basis, blacks are committing 50 times as many violent crimes as are whites. In the period 1964-1994, 25 million violent interracial crimes were committed, mostly black attacks upon white victims. During these three decades, 45,000 persons have been killed in interracial murders. An especially sinister social plague is today's wave of young kids toting guns to school, assaulting, mugging and murdering, never taught the most elementary moral sense by parents or schools. The U.S. of the late 1990s resembles more the barbaric jungles of Africa than the sane values, safe streets and neighborhoods of "America's" l950s.8

Tentative statistics in early 1998 suggested some temporary reduction in welfare roles and in levels of crime, due to a spasm of embryonic "work-fare" programs and a sharp increase in funds budgeted for police personnel. Such "progress," however, as one grimaces at recall of similar band-aid fixes of past decades, is more illusion and sedation of the public than statistically significant. The core causes are still ignored. Both welfare roles and crime in the U.S. soar higher together, and remain a scandal among the international community of nations.

The 10th Amendment, a Lost Heritage

The sovereignty of the states in the United States federation was a central theme of the original Constitution. The 10th Amendment made it explicit that the states and their local communities reserved all power and jurisdiction over everyday life in their own neighborhoods, the federal structure merely ratified as an all-states umbrella for national security, facilitated commerce and the like. Today the 10th Amendment is ignored by courts and Congress. Presidents' Executive Orders asserting federal authority nationwide routinely mock any meaningful semblance of states' and individuals' independence. All-powerful federal control and regulations reach into every local community, replacing any real autonomy of the states or individuals' private control of property.

The gigantic central government is cemented in place by a massive income-tax system which distributes earners' income as nationwide socialistic welfare programs - which insure its continuing reelection by masses of begging beneficiaries. For tens of millions, unearned welfare and "cradle-to-grave" dependence are the new "Constitutional rights" and national way of life, replacing the old "America" of self-reliance, independence and personal accountability.

U.S. Cities "after Fifty Years"

Today, U.S. cities are mainly nonwhite, nonwhites the dominant majority in most major cities. Miami is 90% nonwhite, English a "foreign" language, Detroit and Baltimore 60% nonwhite. Washington D.C., capital of the once-white America, is 71% nonwhite with a foreign culture emulating primitive third-world cities.

Although most major U.S. cities could be cited to illustrate the transformation of the U.S., Los Angeles is typical. In 1950 L.A. was almost 100% Euro-white in race and culture. Today its 10 million population is 41% Hispanic, 37% white, 11% Asian and 10% black. In the seething mix of ever-conflicting racial and ethnic groups, none is a majority or standard culture and language. (Other cities, such as the nation's capital or Detroit, exhibit similar racial mixing but with blacks still dominant rather than Hispanics.) Nationwide, the U.S. Hispanic population, because of its high birth rate and aggressive immigration, is projected to match or surpass the black in 2009, at about 40 million of each race.9

Compton, a large "city" within L.A. county, is especially revealing about the dynamics of racial transformations of a community. All white in 1950, Supreme Court rulings and "fair housing" laws forcibly integrated the area. It's now 52% Hispanic, 45% black and only 1% white. Its major hospital, Martin Luther King Medical Center, rose from the black riots of 1965 protesting against white neglect of black interests. It was completed in 1972 to serve a mainly black population whose demands gradually replaced white staff with black. Whites fled from the area. Today, a generation later, King is still operated by black doctors and staff but now most of its patients are Hispanics. Tension is severe as Hispanic patients and visitors talk in Spanish, confusing and irritating black staff, while Hispanics pressure the hospital to hire doctors and staff who "look and talk like them." 10

Compton blacks today wage a losing battle to retain their community and political power, seized from whites a generation ago. Blacks resent hordes of Hispanics who now outvote them, gain the best jobs, dominate school boards and allocation of government money. Hispanic street gangs target, kill off and replace the black gangs. 11 Especially severe throughout the broader L.A. area are basic communication barriers. L.A. has 50 foreign-language newspapers and TV channels, including ones in Korean and Vietnamese as well as many in Spanish and ebonics ("black English" and "rap" chanting). School rooms and public offices are a babel of strange languages, many the third-world dialects of immigrants. People can't understand each other, resent each others' ways of talking and living. There is diversity, indeed. But it spawns bone-deep antagonism and confusion, not social stability or enrichment.12

The crisis in L.A. is typical of the racial conflict growing throughout U.S. cities and suburbs. Demographers predict that by 2050 the nation as a whole will look much like L.A.. today. The Government's goals of racial diversity and integration will become fully realized. As they already have in L.A., third-world cultures will replace the original "America nationwide. A nationally syndicated writer summed it up aptly: "Diversity is a breeder of perpetual conflict. There's no nation on Earth with a diverse, multicultural population that is politically stable and prosperous....European-derived people seem to have lost the will to survive. Biologist Garrett Hardin has said 'The politicization of universalism by Western elites ... has deluded many European-derived people into believing that it is immoral to survive as a distinct group. As a result they can find no reason to resist the Third World flood inundating the West."13

The Causes of our Cultural Transformation

Future historians will mark the last half of this century as the most basic turning point of U.S. history and the roots of its fundamental cultural transformation into a firmly centralized and multiracial "empire." They will speculate about the stability of such a massive mix of races and cultures forcibly integrated and tensely controlled by centralized bureaucracies. Parallels with the breakup of earlier empires will abound, ranging from the ancient Roman to the recent Soviet, along with the endless controversies about causes. Among the causes of the bizarre U.S. transformation, they will surely cite the following events and trends as most critical.

The Civil Rights Movement

The tensions of two opposite races deeply conflicting in one nation were recognized by its founders as a smoldering threat to its survival. The central issue plaguing the following century was endless racial conflict, including the Civil War and new forms of segregating the races. The uneasy and unstable compromises of segregation and the unifying power of two world wars carried America into post-war prosperity. The mid-1940s ushered in years of both peace and plenty, repressing and masking the still explosive mix of alien races. About 1950, however, a series of events, laws and court rulings began which led to today's forcible integration of the races along with preferential treatment of minorities.

The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), founded in 1942, sought to end segregation of the races. The first goal was to integrate public places such as restaurants, lunch counters and rest rooms. Instead of force, CORE's tactics were modeled on the nonviolent methods of India's Gandhi. For years, throughout the North and border states (and later the South), protest demonstrations, "sit-ins" and "freedom rides" pressured public places to serve blacks along with whites or face highly public and costly law suits. Police eviction of blacks into paddy wagons was welcomed by CORE as it attracted media coverage for its cause. Dramatic pictures of "white police brutality" were especially effective in the gradual shift of public opinion and political clout toward the liberal goal of firmly enforced Civil Rights for blacks and the full-scale integration of the races. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP, founded in 1908 amid widespread race rioting) sought the same goal but focussed on court tests. Others used the tactics of boycott. Progress was slow until the mid-1950s.

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ordered the desegregation of all public schools in the nation (Brown V. Board of Education, 1954). The justices rejected all "separate but equal" arguments (noting there was no equality of resources between white and black schools) and therefore insisted upon total integration. Emboldened by court victories, Martin L. King organized the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 to end "back of the bus" segregation. For a year 40,000 blacks avoided the city's busses. Such demonstrations and especially the violent white reactions were dramatized on nightly TV news. The publicity accelerated support among whites for Civil Rights laws. Montgomery's bus system ignored the boycott, but the Supreme Court ordered the bus system integrated - and it was, under threat of federal military force. Moreover, the specter of such masses, many millions of blacks in all major cities reverting to violent rioting or race warfare, was never far from the mind of policymakers in Congress or the courts. Especially threatening to social order among a decade's racial uprisings were the race riots at King's death in 1968 spread across the nation, most of Washington D.C.'s 14th Street burned out as L.A.'s Watts neighborhood had been three years earlier. Nor far from mind was the rising sense of white guilt for centuries of enslaving and abusing America's blacks. White fear and guilt, reinforced by liberal media propaganda, combined to change attitudes radically.

Congress endorsed courts rulings and, bending to the growing voting power of the Black movement, enacted a series of powerful Civil Rights laws in 1957, 1960 and 1964. These laws, including almost annual amendments, mandated the full Civil Rights of all minorities, the racial integration of all public places and outlawed all forms of discrimination against minorities. Federal military force was used to integrate schools in Little Rock in 1958 and later the University of Alabama. All Network television, which originated from Northern liberals, continued to dramatize any resistance by whites as evil. All such efforts or arguments for separation of the races became "racist" and "politically incorrect." Housing laws integrated neighborhoods despite every effort of white communities to remain racially intact. Kids were bussed to distant schools to meet racial quotas. Every business and public institution was scrutinized by Government Civil-Rights commissions and law-enforcement machinery for compliance with racial quotas in their hiring, firing, promoting and employee benefits. 14

Within the short span of fifty years, white separateness in personal lives and culture was ended along with the right to freedom of association. Racial integration today pervades everything from the workplace to neighborhoods and the bedroom. As interracial mating and marriage continue to escalate, fewer newborn are purely white and more are of mixed race.

The Immigration Law of 1965

America is a nation of immigrants. For centuries settlers poured into the new land from all parts of Europe, especially from England and western Europe. They eagerly assimilated into the new "America," embraced its language and culture, lived its principles of self-reliance and industrious enterprise. Most significantly, they all shared the common bond of the same white race and its congenital traits. Ethnic differences by country origin readily melted away and fused into their root identity of race as Euro-white Americans. America was predominantly a white nation for centuries - until the I 950s.

As the Civil Rights movement gained political power in the 1950s, vote-conscious legislators were pressured for increased immigration from nonwhite countries, especially Africa and the Caribbean.15 After many aborted attempts at changes in immigration laws, finally the landmark immigration laws of 1965 opened the borders to a deluge of nonwhite immigrants. While still restricting immigration of whites, a critical part of the law permitted unlimited immigration based on the criterion of family reunification. Thus recent nonwhite immigrants already in the U.S. could import their relatives who, in turn, could bring over more relatives. Many join the welfare roles soon after arrival. Unlike white immigrants of the past, the nonwhite newcomers resist assimilation, tend to cling to the languages, behaviors, dress and cultures of their native races.

Since the 1965 Immigration Law, the U.S. has been importing as many as a million legal immigrants per year, the overwhelming majority of them nonwhite. The number of foreign-born reached 25.8 million in 1997. Today almost I in every 10 residents is foreign born. Importantly, the true scope of immigration numbers is far larger, including countless, but uncounted, illegal aliens penetrating U.S. borders from Texas to California. Some are detected and deported; most slip through, gain legitimizing documentation and remain as part of the U.S. Given procreation rates of nonwhites, far exceeding whites' (except Asians'), the U.S. nonwhite population has mushroomed into dominant majorities in most U.S. cities. The Census Bureau projects a nonwhite majority nationwide about 2050, Euro-whites the fading minority. This demographic pattern, combined with rising rates of interracial marriage, virtually assures the extinction of the white race in the U.S. The U.S. will then resemble in no way the original "America," only third-world regions such as Africa.16

White Liberals and Propaganda Technology

Among the major causes of the U.S. transformation was the new technology of television wielded by the liberal establishment. As events and social forces intertwined in a seething mix of tumultuous sea change, TV dramatized every nuance of every crisis. The nation's collective white psyche became churned into an explosion of emotions ranging from helpless resignation to sheer fear of catastrophic race rioting against whites, ever portrayed and perceived as enemy. Europhobia, fear of white power and rage at its history of capitalist exploitation of nonwhites, pervaded TV as thoroughly as dead white male writers were purged from University courses and Government public schools.

The white liberal establishment exploited white fears. Propagandized subtly on TV was the liberal solution of placating black rage with the "tribute" of unlimited welfare programs, preferential Civil Rights laws empowering nonwhites and full-scale racial integration of every aspect of U.S. life. As nonwhite voting power grew, elected politicians caved in to the liberal white's agenda or joined it, this the new requisite for reelection. Today most politicians, whether Democrats or Republicans, are solidly in the white liberal camp on today's entire Civil Rights machinery, none daring even to question or challenge it. All seem mired in white guilt, feel-good euphoria and deep denial, oblivious of the clearly projected consequences of ultimate white extinction.

Critical but largely unnoticed in the final triumph of the white liberal agenda has been the inherent power of television as a sensationalist and emotional visual medium, replacing the cooler reasoning of pre-1950s spoken or written media (radio, books, etc.). Subtly and insidiously, liberal TV molds the collective mind of viewers with News, dramas and sitcoms skewed to brainwash the unwary into the liberal ideology. Hour by hour, nightly News and programs use sophisticated visual techniques, lightening-fast strobes, cascades of hot images to burn repeated messages into passive minds. Driven by Civil Rights mandates of the Federal Communications Commission for racial quotas, hundreds of TV commercials daily portray whites and nonwhites linked happily around dinner tables, on playgrounds, in country stores or neighborhood backyards. News anchor desks invariably portray nonwhite with white broadcasters, including proper quotas of both genders. Primetime serials and made-for-TV movies routinely include white abuse of nonwhites as themes, or black heroes combatting white villains, or interracial sexual rapport. White self-effacement and liberal ideology subtly build the desired government control over behavior and action.

Propagandizing "America's" Founding Documents

TV and other liberal media have cleverly duped most U.S. whites (conveniently ignorant of history) into believing that today's egalitarian Civil Rights principles and machinery' are endorsed by the basic documents of America's founders. As Lincoln did in his grim administration and emotional Gettysburg Address today's liberals minimize the Constitution as "America's" founding document and replace it with the much earlier Declaration of Independence. The emotional platitudes of the Declaration have become the basis of the new egalitarian "U.S.A." while systematically discarded are the carefully reasoned principles and legislation of the Constitution of 1787 which actually founded "America." The 1776 Declaration with its rousing "All men are created equal" clause, was passionate rhetoric, aimed at rallying the colonists into escape from English tyranny, revolutionary war and its hardships. It was in no sense a legislative model for a nation. The history of the Constitution, by contrast, reveals a people rejecting any sort of egalitarianism (prior to the 1950s) - especially among the races. "Civil Rights," even in the 14th Amendment following the Civil War, meant solely' the rights to life, liberty' and ownership of property (equality under the law), not at all political or social rights such as voting, jury duty, unlimited association with whites or economic equality. Most whites today' know only the history of the Declaration and its rousing 'equality" clause, not the Constitution's rejection of egalitarianism or Civil Rights as wildly defined by liberals today.

Fifty years of liberal TV propaganda and mind-altering along with the same massive mind-conditioning of the young in public schools through two generations must count as a major cause of the U.S. transformation. The majority of whites today have lost all sense of self-esteem in their Euro-white heritage and virtually reject it as shameful racism rather than the unique pride of the original "America."

White Preservation as "Hate Crime"

Most ominously, a thundercloud of speech- and thought-control has thickened across the nation in the form of Government-imposed "political correctness" linked to ever-stricter Civil Rights and antidiscrimination laws. This euphemistically dubbed "correct thinking," mandated for all loyal citizens, is unprecedented in the history of free "America," reviving systems of orthodoxy and party-line doctrine enforced by dictatorships and churches. The U.S. is on the path to Orwell's mind-molded androids of his totalitarian 1984. We don't (yet) have a U.S. Ministry of Truth or official Mind-police units, but nationwide Civil Rights Commissions and enforcers execute these functions just as well, hunting down white racists (as defined by federal laws).

Outspoken dissidents, the politically incorrect, are summarily fired from universities, public office or the media for any semblance of "racial slur" or "hate speech." A professor advocating white preservation in the U.S. is automatically tarred as racist, shamed in the local press and risks dismissal. Similar "heresy" is studiously avoided by most whites in their spoken and written words for fear of career-ending accusations of hate-speech or hate-crime. Any activist groups advocating white preservation are soon labeled "hate groups' and blacklisted by all major media such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Even on the Internet's Web, a censoring Cyber Patrol site searches Out white dissidents and alerts Internet Service Providers to block these "hate sites" from most Web surfers. Effective suppression of free speech advocating white preservation now pervades all media. Only the liberal party-line agenda of a fully multiracial and multicultural U.S. flourishes openly in the new U.S.

Summing Up a Fifty-Year Sea Change

At century's end, the U.S. is no longer a melting pot of white ethnic immigrants merged into a single national blend. It is instead a mosaic of countless sharp-edge tiles, each of diverse race and color. Racial and tribal groups, along with infinite shades of brown, are visibly delineated, often mutually hostile preserving here the identity, language, dress and culture of strange third-world origins, third-world chant-like "rap" music and images are an everyday reminder of the transformed face of the nation. The overwhelming of the U.S. by nonwhite invasions is no longer imminent; it is after fifty years a fait accompli. Third-world presence, in all its cultural looks and sounds, pervades U.S. life from TV screens and CD-ROMs to shopping malls and private neighborhoods. In total, tens of millions of blacks, Hispanics and other nonwhites are now citizens of the U.S., wield near-majority power in most of its major cities and entire states of the Southwest, own the U.S. as much as or more so than Euro-whites.

Scenarios for the Next Fifty Years

For Euro-whites today, determined to preserve their race, scenarios for the next fifty years are grim ranging from extinction to risky alternatives as challenging as were faced by the "Americans" of 1 776. Discussion about our next fifty years being beyond the scope of the is issue #3 of Occasional Papers, merely outlined below are several U.S. "futures."

Scenario 1. Acquiescence. The most probable future for whites is their ultimate extinction in the U.S.17 Most of today's whites, brainwashed for decades by the liberal establishment, seem apathetic or resigned to their projected minority status circa 2050. They just don't care about the demise of their race. One is reminded of the ultimate resignation of Jews marching sheepishly, with no resistance efforts, into NAZI gas chambers. Thus, with white acquiescence, nonwhites and whites will continue to intermarry through many generations until all of the U.S. is nonwhite, the white race extinct. From the current mosaic will emerge a new melting pot of racial hybrids, many shades of brown, few of either purely white or black race, very similar to the population hodgepodge of Brazil today.18

Scenario 2. White Takeback of Our Country. At white apathy's opposite extreme, there exist today passionate and activist white-preservation organizations along with their cousin groups of white supremacists, determined to roll back the nonwhite invasions and restore the country to its original Euro-white preeminence. Examples of these movements abound in the old South, many dreaming of a renewed white South. The more moderate envision political action to repeal antiwhite Civil Rights and antidiscrimination laws. Given today's de facto realities of huge nonwhite populations and voting power throughout the South (and indeed nationwide) and politicians of both major parties hostage to the entrenched core of Civil Rights and antidiscrimination machinery "takeback" agendas might punch symbolic dents in our multiracial system but effect scant significant change in its basic core. If' or as, the political phase of the "takeback" strategy fails, the alternative, military tactics of white hard-liners, would surely be resisted violently by millions of nonwhites. The result would be bloody race wars of unimaginable scope in casualties and consequences. It is hard to fantasize any winners in such a mutually annihilating civil war.

Scenario 3. Secession from the US. Many whites reject the above scenarios as unrealistic strategies for white preservation. They recognize as simply accomplished fact the irremovable presence of 80 million nonwhites in the U.S. As the only remaining and realistic alternative, they thus advocate some form of racial separation. Such separateness of the races and living comfortably with one's "own kind" are not only a prized vision of Euro-whites. Many black and Hispanic activists seek the same geographical identity. Since any such separateness is outlawed in the U.S. by its firm policies of total racial integration and its mantra of rich multicultural "diversity," racial separateness can be achieved only by seceding from the U.S. but within its current geographical borders.19 Any state (or groups of states) could secede, abolish all anti-white "Civil Rights" laws, restore the traditional "America" and its values. This strategy, despite its challenges of painful relocations, upheavals and reestablishing of family roots, provides the hard but realistic path to real preservation of the Euro-white race. Such a path assumes dedicated firm white will and numbers who genuinely care enough about white preservation for their children to do so rather than merely dream so.

Quite apart from race-crisis urgency for such a scenario, political scientists and macroeconomists have often urged the downsizing of the U.S. into smaller and more manageable units, simply in the interests of government and economic efficiency. Detailed analyses of this scenario (and Scenario 4 below) are included in Occasional Papers # 1 and #2.20

Scenario 4. Separatism within the US. Possible, but unlikely (given the deeply entrenched core of Civil Rights machinery), the above three scenarios could synergize into forms of racial separateness within the U.S. political system. Faced with well organized and achievable master plans by states for secession, and thus the credible threat of it, U .S. government power brokers might seek compromise. modify laws to revive the spirit of the 10th Amendment, permit local autonomy, exclusively white neighborhoods and the like. The U.S., circa 2050, might consist of mainly white states or counties or neighborhoods living in separation from similar groupings of other races-or from "rainbow" areas preferred by those opting for "diversity' living environments. In this scenario, neither the white race nor any other would own the U.S., but white preservation would be possible in discriminating white areas of "America."


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5. Many historians deem the 600,000-deaths carnage of the Civil War an illegal (unconstitutional) and unnecessary atrocity by the Lincoln administration. Lincoln himself was fixated on the war solely to force the seceding states back into his union, no matter the cost in lives or principles (many thousands of Northern anti-war dissidents were routinely imprisoned with suspension of all habeas corpus Constitutional rights). He acknowledged often that abolition of slavery was never his goal. Moreover, Southern leaders had already recognized that free motivated labor was more productive than slave labor, that slavery must soon end. See The Fate of Liberty, Lincoln and Civil Liberties (Mark E. Neely, Jr., Oxford, 1991, pp.211-218), Lincoln at Gettysburg (Garry Wills, Simon & Schuster, 1992) and the general source: The South Was Right (by J.R. and W.D. Kennedy, Pelican, 1996), esp. pp. 219-236.

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17. With recent patterns of nonwhite population increases in European nations (especially England, France, Germany and Spain), the "Acquiescence" scenario implies the gradual extinction of the white race worldwide. Even today, whites comprise only a fast declining 8% of Earth's human population.

18. Often mocked as the "Brazil population model," Brazil's 165 million are a mishmash of over a hundred "races" as identified by government categories. Portuguese, Spanish and Italian whites of Southern European ancestry compose about 50% of Brazil. The other 50% are mulattoes (mixed African and European ancestry), mestizos (native Indian and European), and countless hybrids of the above with inter-mating over generations.

19.A comedic, but tragic, irony of the liberal mantra of "rich diversity" combined with forcible racial integration is their logical self-contradiction. As the races integrate and intermarry over generations, the racial colors and differences will merge into some common shade of brown, no longer any "diversity" at all.

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