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From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number One: Conservative Reaction to Multicultural America. (1997)

New American Nations

by James Owens

The U.S.A. two centuries ago was a mere few million people of common European cultural values. Their Constitution guaranteed decentralized government and personal freedom.

Today the U.S.A. is a 250 million-people giant, multicultural, its original Constitution warped. The 10th Amendment rights of the states are usurped by an all-controlling centralized federal bureaucracy. It socialistic lawmakers create mobs of government welfare dependents, then buy reelection and power—with popular handouts.

But the U.S.A. is in rapid free-fall decline. Eventually it will collapse into new American nations.

The Decline of the U.S.A.

The U.S.A. is a sick society spiraling into self-destruction. Its superpower military awes the world, but the brave outward facade conceals the decay festering beneath. Deep within its multicultural cities and socialistic politics original American values have been abandoned, especially traditional self-reliance and moral standards. Americans, once outraged at moral deviancy, are now resigned— "used to it." Today perverted lifestyles are so common that deviancy is fully normalized.

As crime rates soar, murders, rapist and other deviants are coddled in $30,000-per-year accommodations with cable TV for rehabilitation rather than punishment. Million of healthy adults live idly on government handouts, now enshrined as a normal right and legal entitlement. Illegitimacy. once a scandal, is now routine, masses of unwed mothers on welfare or mere teenagers. By new norms, they are rewarded with larger handouts from the government.

The U.S.A. is $5 trillion in debt, more yearly with new spending the debt shifted cynically to unborn children. By normal standards, the U.S.A. is bankrupt, fiscally and morally.

The U.S.A.'s decline is not driven by any single cause. It is a decline syndrome, a complex group of symptoms and cause intertwined and fueling each other. Let's examine the realities seething beneath the national facade.

Unmanageable Goliath

For a half-century the federal government, aided especially by politically skewed Supreme Court liberals, has perverted the 10th Amendment, seizing autonomy from the states. Today it is a massive centralized bureaucracy with millions of officials reaching into every American community—and controlling it.

Quite apart from the moral abuse of the principles and spirit of the original Constitution, giant centralized government is hopelessly incapable of workable systems. The nation of a quarter-billion people has grown too unwieldy to function as a centralized U.S.A.. Its instability reaches beyond ever-futile technical fixes to transform the top-heavy bureaucracy into efficient government. As its roots, the flaw are inherent. They lie in the inner nature of centralized system which choke on their own immensity beyond a critical mass.

Entropy in Complex Systems

Modern research into human organizations borrows heavily from physics' concept of entropy (Second Law of Thermodynamics): order within closed system dissipates by nature; the inherent tendency of any system is from order to disorder. Water and ink when combined, for example, lose their original order in a pale-blue mix. A teenager's room, if not constantly reordered, becomes a shambles, as do a careless professor's files.

As systems grow larger and more complex, entropy and the tendency toward disorder intensify until the system is unsustainable and collapses into chaos.

The recent field of complexity theory has discovered this law of entropy in a variety of large organizational systems. As computers cope with complex organizations, it becomes impossible for them to plan outcomes centrally. In 1988, for example, Xerox tried to install a "command-and-control" centralized computer system to maximize various functions. It failed. The information required to coordinate decisions soon overwhelmed the centralized computer. Xerox had to greatly decentralize the system to restore order. A researcher at Xerox noted that "all complex biological and economic systems work this way. If every human cell's protein production had to be processed through the central brain, it would overwhelm nerve cells' capacities."1

Decentralized Corporations

The Law of Entropy governs complex business and government organizations. With few exceptions, the history of business and government is marked by an inherent decentralization.2 With only primitive communications, businesses were local and small, political states regional and wary of outsiders. A technology quantum leap created a social sea change.

The industrial revolution and factory system spawned modern centralization. As factories swelled into complex giants, the new challenge was how to manage them. About 1900, organization theorist, lead by Frederick Taylor's "scientific management," Max Weber's "bureaucratic model" and Henri Fayol's "principles of management," invented and enshrined top-down systems of central planning and control. The ideal executive devised centralized plans, policies, procedures, rules controls and departmentalization to anticipate every contingency and orchestrate intended outcomes. Centralized management was taught in every business school and thousands of texts. Centralized systems became the unquestioned norm in America's corporations and federal government.

About mid-century many corporations, endangered by coordination fiascoes and costly chaos, learned the law of entropy—and decentralized. General Electric's highly autonomous "profit-center" divisions were an early example. Broad general objectives were set by the central corporation; the decentralized divisions exercised full control and freedom to develop their own means and methods. In today's large corporations, it is routine policy to solve the entropy problems by decentralizing.

The Centralized Fed

Despite all this evidence to the contrary, the U.S.A. clings to its archaic centralized bureaucracy, the "Fed." Such centralized may have worked in the small U.S.A. of the 1790s. Even then, however, to curb government power, the founders held firmly to decentralized autonomous states. The U.S.A. followed Madison's "limited power" doctrine and Jefferson's "the best government is the least government." The Fed's power was kept to the bare minimum needed for defense and similar common necessities.

Decentralization and Freedom

The drafters of the Constitution knew from bitter experience and long history that the more power is centralized the fewer individual freedoms survive. Power centralized is power and rights seized from individuals. Absolute centralization, as in former USSR, is absolute slavery of citizens. Power tends to corruption. As Lord Acton proclaimed memorably, "absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Today's U.S.A. is entangled in the worst evils of centralized political power, moderated only by vestiges of the Constitution's Bill of Rights and by our still-viable and decentralized free-market economy. The Fed's notorious inefficiency, bungling and waste are inherent, as inevitable as the Law of Entropy. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is five years off schedule in its $10 billion modernization of its air traffic control computer system. It will now cost $37 billion (or more) and still won't be operational until 2005.3 Similar waste and fraud pervade the bureaucratic colossus. Monster programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, "Civil Rights," Welfare and public housing are out of control.

Dismantling the Fed Monster

Others have made the compelling case, as I urge here, that finally the U.S.A. nation should be dissolved and transformed into a federation of sovereign states or new and smaller nations composed of them. All efforts by states to restore their original 10th-Amendment autonomy have filed to loosen the iron grip of the central power. Separation into smaller national units is the only viable alternative. The U.S.A. would remain as an umbrella federation, created and controlled by the states for their common interests such as defense, commerce and monetary stability. Specifics of this process will be outlined below.

Multicultural Diversity

In contrast to original American personal freedoms to choose selectively one's companions at home or work and to enjoy the exclusive use of one's own private property, today's U.S.A. is strangled by anti-discrimination laws and cults of multiculturalism. The Government enforcement of diversity for its own sake has become as sacrosanct as unquestioned religious dogma.

By endless Orwellian doublespeak, "civil rights" and "affirmative action" outlaw all personal rights to live or work with whomever you choose, such as culturally compatible companions or in traditional "discriminating" neighborhoods The "civil rights" mantra chanted blindly for the past 40 years means, in fact, enforced hiring, housing and bank-lending quotas by ethnic diversity and pervasive social engineering. Kids are bussed far from home to integrate rather than educate them. Government work contracts must include minority businesses, no matter their ineptitude.

Apart from perverting the original Constitution, the U.S.A. diversity-mania wastes billions of dollars daily and worsens the unpayable $5 trillion debt.

European Whites a Minority

America was founded by whites from Britain and northern Europe. They wrote the Constitution and built a unique Euro-American white culture rooted in personal freedoms, self-reliance, the work ethic and full rights to their own private property.

The past half-century of liberal politicians has crushed traditional American values, replacing them with socialistic welfare systems and multicultural values The culture and values of primitive Third-World countries, which failed there to develop modern civilization, are now enshrined as "cultural diversity" to be idealized and imitated here.

Today American cities are mainly non-white. Euro-whites are a minority in the cities they made great and historic. The nation's capital is almost entirely black, drug and crime-ridden, under inept federal supervision, hopelessly bankrupt. The majority of babies in D.C. are illegitimate. Food stamps, public housing, Medicaid and Welfare checks are a way of life, often for generations of government dependents.

Sixty percent of babies born in California are non-white. Whites in America's largest state will become a minority by 1999. Demographers project a non-white majority in the entire U.S.A. about 2050, whites finally a mere minority in their own country.4

The Multicultural Vote

The framers of the Constitution had felt and feared the tyranny of kings. Their Constitution forged safeguards to curb oppressive government control forever. But they were equally fearful of mob-rule anarchy Today mob riots and cowed legislators have long since trampled the safeguards against anarchy. America is ruled by the handout demands—and —vote—of mushrooming welfare dependents, uneducated dropouts and multicultural power blocs. The vicious circle: the more non-whites expand into majorities with decisive voting power, the more they demolish non-white cultural values. Only a head in sand could be blind to the inevitable extinction of traditional American Euro-white culture in America and nationwide domination by multiculturalist values.5

The U.S.A.'s explosive racial diversity foments irreversible instability. Despite 40 years of high-cost "affirmative action" and anti-discrimination enforcement, most blacks still remain foreign to America's mainstream. This is in stark contrast to Euro-ethnic immigrants of past centuries (German, Irish, Italian, etc.). Although resented as outsiders initially, they routinely earned full mainstream status (with no artificial enforcement of Government antidiscrimination laws).

After decades of civil-rights programs, blacks rage at their disadvantaged status in schools, jobs and standard of living. Hispanics and other ethnic groups also seethe. Whites resent the erosion of their Euro-culture and taxes to subsidize minorities. Blacks blame their failure to fit into American society on white society, while many whites blame blacks' resistance to modern Euro-civilization.6

Today, millions of blacks are sadly reduced to demoralizing Government dependency. Racial tension is worse than in the 1950s when civil rights legislation promised to quickly make blacks and whites "equal" in economic and social standing. No one, white or black, disputes that all such efforts have failed. Ignoring the futile debate about the reasons for the extreme disparities between Euro-whites and Afro-American blacks, the irreconcilable differences in culture, values and behavior are undeniable fact.7

Blacks are as uptight in white America as whites are in their efforts to integrate fully with blacks. The deep divide between the two racial origins, histories, cultural values and behavior is plainly unbridgeable. Despite (or because of) government's failed forcing of integration, blacks and whites yearn to live, work and play "with their own." Black separatists, and white, sound the call for their own identity.

Euro-Whites in Deep Denial

With strange sheepishness, many Euro-whites surrender and accept their culture's continuing decline, even encouraging it by open support of racial diversity. While blacks, bonded in cultural loyalty, openly assert their rights, most whites suppress or mask theirs. Many whites disown their Euro-white links and champion nationwide diversity. They outdo each other in politically correct allegiance to everything multicultural. Whites admire and mimic non-white behaviors in dress, language, art, music, sports and celebrations of non-white history. They outdo one another in support of non-whites' legislative agendas.

The driving force behind white surrender is the equivocal but all-powerful slogan: "racism." For decades, whites have been systematically conditioned to avoid the ostracism of being dubbed "racist."8 This vague indictment is condemned as political incorrectness-and often risks prosecution within the maze of antidiscrimination laws.

Thus intimidated, whites risk few efforts to assert and preserve their Euro-white heritage. Many even live in a protective state of denial, ignoring all demographic facts, like the fabled admirers of the Emperor's New Clothes. Other whites, however, do crave the restoration of their culture, but are too daunted by multicultural pressures and anti-discrimination laws to openly say so. A "quiet minority," silenced by civil rights laws and multicultural pressures, would welcome escape to a restored Euro-white culture somewhere in America.

The Secessionist Trend

No country as huge as the U.S.A. can sustain both effective social order and personal freedoms as a single centralized giant. The aggravating condition of extreme multiculturalism makes such an attempt even more futile. Only a totalitarian iron grip sustains huge countries like China and the USSR. Even the USSR, despite the harshest control, failed to quell the intense urge of diverse local regions to separate into break-away nations, regaining their own homes, culture and government.

The natural craving of humans to cling to like culture and values unleashes an unstoppable force in historic struggles for independence and freedom. Some degree of diversity is tolerable. But extreme diversity spawns extreme antagonism and conflict. The experience of history underlies the firm resolve of nations to guard their racial integrity with severe restrictions on immigration and alien infiltration. Japan and China are zealous modem examples but the inherent pattern is virtually universal.9

Today's U.S.A. has been brainwashed into the worship of multicultural diversity as unquestioned ideal, naively ignoring its usually violent consequences. Even Moses, millennia ago, advised the tribes not to mix the races. In this century the USSR, in its folly of enforced integration of diverse cultures, self-destructed. One can imagine the lunacy of Europe as a centralized nation with cultures as diverse as French, German, Italian and Scandinavian. Necessary continental coordination is achieved by federation of European sovereign nations for trade, defense and other common needs.

Similar circumstances of size and extreme cultural diversity have now overwhelmed the U.S.A.. Like Europe and historic empires, the U.S.A. must resort to a radical realignment of its peoples into smaller and more homogeneous nations. Along with its unmanageable size, shortsighted immigration and racial policies of the last half-century, now irreversible, have reached their "unintended consequences" of intolerable racial tension.

Omens of U.S.A. Collapse

Before detailing the process of restoring the states (or groups thereof to the sovereignty of nations, and dealing with problems in the transformation, let's examine some of the major signs and causes of the U.S.A.'s collapse.

Crime and Moral Apathy

In a free society, laws can curb only the smallest percentage of crime. Social order builds on deep-rooted moral character and widespread voluntary compliance. Otherwise, anarchy smashes society; social order can be restored only by a harsh police state.

Historically, very few societies succeeded in merging individual freedom with stable social order. The few that did, such as the ancient Greek city states, failed to endure for long. Liberty degenerated into license, anarchy and weakness. Disciplined totalitarian nations conquered them Freedom is a fragile luxury. Toynbee in his classic Civilization on Trial summed up the dilemma of human freedom versus social order: "Freedom is expendable; social order and stability are indispensable."

Early Americans were unique in their achievement of both fragile freedom and simultaneously stable social order. Whether by the founders' rationalistic morality of cooperation or Euro-Christian traditions of the colonies, early America built a deep-rooted moral sense. Widespread voluntary compliance endured as "American traditional values" including free markets, self-reliance, family values and pride in personal character and independence. Despite off-repented mistreatment of non-whites, America's moral fiber was the glue binding individual freedom with social stability.

Today violent crime is notorious. People lock their doors and shun the streets. The U.S.A. is among the most crime-ridden of civilized nations. Crime statistics fill the daily media and need not be regurgitated here .10

Deviancy, so common that we're "used to it" as normal daily facts of life, exposes a deeply degenerated society. Traditional Euro-American moral values are swamped in a sea of virtually normalized illegitimacy, welfare cheating, street crime and social anarchy. Violent criminals, proliferating faster than prison construction, are emptied onto the streets to repeat their crimes and brief prison visits. In a single recent year (1991) 24,000 murders were reported. The cost is countless billions of dollars, the human cost to victims incalculable.

Once-normal family-values are mocked in TV sitcoms and junked in daily lifestyles. Pervasive deviancy is illustrated by illegitimacy statistics; thirty years ago 1 in 40 white children was born illegitimate; today it's in 5. Then 1 in 5 black children was illegitimate; today it's 2 of 3. The list of today's "normal" lifestyles shocking basic moral sense and traditional family values is endless.11

Schools That Can't Educate

Highly developed nations, barely adapted to the factory world of the industrial revolution, are today embroiled in the new information revolution. Knowledge workers only need apply. Human capital driving economies is now brain work built upon long and costly investment in education. The uneducated can not cope. They are helpless in the new age.

Ironically, in our knowledge-intensive new world, American schools (grades K- 12) fail to educate. American students' scores remain near the bottom in international testing in all subjects, especially basic math lying at the heart of the computerized information age. Accepted as if "normal," 20% of high school "graduates" literally can not read or write well enough to handle the simplest of jobs. For these millions of the uneducated, adult life becomes ruined self-esteem, unemployment, welfare dependency, drugs or street crime.

The annual taxpayer cost of public education exceeds a mind boggling $200 billion. But the money is wasted by the bureaucracies of the federal Department of Education, the NEA teachers' union (National Education Association), liberal politicians and social engineers. Traditional goals of schools are perverted from education to mandated social agendas, racial integration and multicultural mind-shaping.12

Parents resort to private schools for real education. Teachers quit public schools, disgusted with mandates to "dumb down" teaching to fit multicultural necessities. Exhausted, they flee from schools crammed with drugs, guns, vulgarity and pregnant teenagers. 13

Parents and communities must reclaim their basic right to educate their kids for success. Decentralized school systems, guided by on-the-scene concerned parents, can substitute genuine education for multicultural agendas. American history, for example, can be taught with pride rather than multicultural distortions.14

The Wrongs of "Civil Rights"

Orwell's ominous novel dramatized the ultimate strangling of personal freedoms and dignity in the final stages of the centralized state. Like the mind-control of the medieval church or the recent examples of Nazi Germany and the USSR, the state soon controls all individual behavior, actions, even thoughts. By systematic and insidious media programming, official semantic alchemy transforms suppression of freedoms into "civil rights," socialistic lies into unquestioned "doctrine," state mind-training into "political correctness."

Such euphemisms proliferate in the media-programmed thinking of the U.S.A. public. Our common language has been turned upside-down. Prisons are "correction facilities, "preferential rejections of best applicants are "affirmative action," handouts "entitlement rights," deviancy "alternative lifestyles." The massive machinery distributing income from haves to have-nots is "Constitutional government," equality of opportunity is actual "socialistic equality." Buried beneath our social pathologies is the perversion of an original American freedom: discrimination. By centralized social engineering, it is now spurned taboo and severely outlawed.

Until the racial riots and "civil rights" legislation of mid-century, the word "discrimination" reflected its simple dictionary meaning: "to distinguish, make a choice among various options."15 Freedom to choose among options is the essence of individual liberty. The despair of slavery is the loss of choice, personal decisions enforced by masters. The truly free citizen enjoys the right to choose whom he wishes to live or work with, whom he can hire or fire, how he uses his property and money-in short, the right to freely discriminate. Every centralized political and religious system in history has enforced its control by crushing citizens' freedom to choose.

Decades of "civil rights" rhetoric and media repetition have propagandized "civil rights" as basic "fairness." Like spectators of The Emperor's New Clothes, few Americans dare question this dogma. In fact, "civil rights" is exactly the opposite, an unfair abrogation of the right of free choice.

Employers are mandated to hire more by racial (and other) quotas than just merit. Colleges must accept the less qualified to meet complex federal quotas. "Race normed" tests inflate scores to handicap the highly qualified in favor of racial minorities. With race norming, the Chicago Police Department's promotion list was 26% minority until race norming was suspended in 1994 and became 4%. Prior years' injustice to qualified, but passed-over, whites was viewed as "civil rights" progress.16

For a small job (installing a metal sign) 101 pages of forms were required from a small firm at three levels of affirmative-action compliance. Exact quotas for the job were mandated: 42.7 4% minority, 1.58% female for carpenters; similar percentages for all other trades used on the job. Ignored was the injustice to high qualifiers not hired—and any efficiency in the job.17

Sovereign states freed from draconian federal mandates can repeal anti-discrimination laws. As citizens earn their place in society and the economy by demonstrated achievement and merit rather than minority or other status, both justice and productivity can be restored.

Socialistic Dependency

U.S.A. handout-programs have driven millions into dehumanizing dependency. Once America was rooted in self-reliant pride. Today 40 to 50 million Americans depend on welfare checks, food stamps, public housing, Medicaid and the like (almost 1 in 5 citizens!). Medicaid alone has soared from $51 billion per year in 1988 to $158 billion in 1995. Thirty million Americans, in addition to welfare checks and/or public housing, routinely receive $26 billion in food stamps. Total welfare is now $240 billion per year ($2.5 trillion over 3 decades)—and still a failure, clear evidence of a hopelessly sick nation.18

A frank new work, Michael Sandel's Democracy's Discontent, argues rightly that our concept of "liberty" has been equivocated today into the reverse of its original meaning. The traditional American liberty of self-reliant independence is now twisted into dependency liberty to consume freely with Government money and subsidies.

Once disdained as ultimate personal failure and weakness of character, widespread Government charity is today normalized into "entitlements," a natural and Constitutional right Beneficiaries, with the voting power of millions, ever lobby for more entitlement dollars; legislators craving re-election deliver without fail.

For decades dozens of research studies have fully documented the worsening failure of the welfare system. 19 But both major parties, Republicans only slightly less than Democrats, cling to the statist welfare monster. The Republicans' 1995 "Contract with America," to downsize the Federal bureaucracy and cut deficits, is ludicrously lame (or cynical). Leaders of both parties continue to dismiss cost consequences with their welfarist social agenda as the sure path to reelections. President Clinton vetoed every meager 1995 budget cut of welfare programs. Wife Hillary dramatized their socialistic ideals in her book, It Takes a Village. 20

Clearly no serious solutions to the dependency culture survive in today's U.S.A.. Nor to our racial dilemma. The path of the 10th Amendment remains the sole realistic alternative.

Incompatible Races

America's diversity mania has spawned a seething swirl of irreconcilable differences among the races. Despite the best efforts of whites, blacks and Hispanics to blur their racial differences, the cultural frictions mount into an intolerable epidemic. As noted earlier, guilt-driven whites created civil rights" and anti-discrimination laws to "equalize" the races. Nevertheless, most blacks and Hispanics remain outside the Euro-white mainstream and live "disadvantaged," the bulk of the humiliated underclass. Unlike diverse European ethnics merging naturally into the white Euro-American culture, blacks and Hispanics remain racially isolated by inborn genetic and inbred cultural differences. Unable to reconcile their profound diversities, the races in America vie for political power with mounting tensions. Any political act affecting blacks adversely is "racism." Whites resent the injustices of "affirmative action." The races crave to "live with their own kind." By white flight from cities and blacks' flocking into them, forced integration is scorned.

De Tocqueville in his 1831 visit to America prophesied (rightly) that white-black relations would become the chief crisis for the new nation. Many of America's most insightful leaders (Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, etc.) agreed; they feared that white and black could not live in peace in the same society. Blacks can not forget that k was whites who enslaved them; whites are tired of unending reparations for their shortsighted ancestors.21

The Black Identity Crisis

Whites and non-whites, although in opposite ways, desperately defy the menacing threats against their very identity. Under daily siege is their basic survival as distinct peoples with unique histories, cultures, and lifestyles. For decades black leaders have been torn between strategies of separatism and continued struggles to thrive in a white mainstream. The latter course has proved a tragic failure despite a half-century of "civil rights," affirmative action quotas and poverty wars.

Without repeating the well known statistics here, so many blacks are trapped in city ghettos, welfare cycles, illiteracy, drugs or the prison systems that leaders now judge the dilemma equivalent to systematic genocide. AfroAmerican divorce rates are the highest in the world. Illegitimacy has become a black way of life. Black lawyers and juries openly flaunt 'jury nullification" to acquit black defendants despite undoubted evidence of their crimes. 22

Many black achievers, excelling in the law, business, politics and the professions, can lead blacks into prosperity within their own separate domain, free of all white interference. However well intentioned, white "help" has served only to drive blacks into self-destroying dependency or crime.

The White Identity Crisis

Many whites over the half-century have naively welcomed soaring immigration and black expansion, the more multicultural diversity the better the American melting-pot dream. Other whites guiltily accepted the trend, reminded daily of ancient slavery and white oppression. Other whites seek comfort in a shell of denial, ignoring all racial tensions and multicultural demographics.

But intensified white flight to white suburbs and private schools reinforces de facto segregation, despite all Government busing and integration mandates. Increasing numbers of whites are finally confronting the reality of demographics: whites will soon be a minority race in America, their children facing extinction of centuries-old Euro-white culture.

White and Black Supremacists

Racial tension erupts often in forms of racial wars, verbal and sometimes physical. Whites fear to walk black city streets. Blacks charge whites with racial slurs and ruinous discrimination. whites resent their tax dollars subsidizing affirmative action and black-oriented poverty programs. Blacks vent hatred in white-bashing "rap" music. Fringe fanatics, both white and black, openly launch vile supremacy programs.

The responsible majority of whites and blacks reject all shades of supremacy or racial hatred as brainless mutual self-destruction. They neither feel nor condone any aggression against other races. They are not aggressive, only assertive of their own rights and identity while equally respecting the same for all races. They seek solely solutions to the intolerable tensions by amicable separation, fostering the optimum development of their incompatible races, each living in its own culture in its own way with its "own kind."

Realistic leaders recognize that the only pat to preservation of African-American and Euro-white American (and other) cultures is geographical separation, this the sole remaining course to avoid extinction of each race and its culture.23

Legitimacy of Secession

Since the separatist solution to the moral and fiscal collapse of the U.S.A. involves the secession of one or more states, the question of its legitimacy arises as it did in the decades preceding the Civil War. Unlike then, time has virtually nullified the legal issue. Modem free nations have sanctified the principle of self-determination as an absolute justification of independent nation-building in our new and politically sophisticated age, Canada would hardly prevent the secession of Quebec, violently or otherwise. Free nations, notably the U.S.A., shaped the 1995 separatist solution to the Balkan wars (the same is needed in Rwanda and elsewhere). It would today be unthinkable hypocrisy and condemned world-wide as human nights crimes if the U.S.A. repeated any "Civil-war" atrocities against a seceding state.

The Legal Case for Secession

Nevertheless, let's review the legal right of U.S.A. states to secede if they choose. The legitimacy of secession is founded today on the same claims as those of the colonies to secede from England (as stated explicitly in the Declaration of independence). England's attacks to block secession failed in the war for American independence. A century later, the southern Confederacy's same rights to secede from the U.S.A. were thwarted by Northern military might. The Confederacy's rights to independence were as morally and legally valid as those of the colonists, only crushed by force in the Civil War.

With victory in the Revolutionary War, each colony automatically became independent and a sovereign nation. Each small and therefore vulnerable, all soon formed a union to gain effective power in national defense, trade and foreign affairs. Each joined voluntarily and could leave it as freely as they had joined.

Nowhere in the U.S.A. Constitution is the right to secede challenged or denied. As proclaimed in the State Convention of South Carolina declaring its independence, "....the Southern States now stand exactly in the same position toward the Northern States that the colonies did toward Great Britain.24 By the 1 850s the South filly recognized that its economy faced ruin from tariff laws enforced by huge Northern manufacturing interests in Congress. Slavery was not the issue, only the North's excuse to annihilate states' rights and the 10th Amendment.25

The Need for Secession

Aside from the obsolete legitimacy question, the genuine issues of separatism are the need for secession and its practicality.

The earlier catalog of the U.S.A.'s insolvable problems (out-of-control bureaucracy, crime, failed schools, welfare dependency, annual deficits, etc.) cries out for any political system other than the present. Despite futile decades-old attempts at radical reform and solutions, realists acknowledge that no real change is possible within the current political system. Whether Democrat or Republican, every politician in Washington soon learns that re-election demands surrender to the status quo of entitlements, pork-barrel deals, deficits and special interests, masking it all with cosmetic touch-ups euphemistically labelled as "change." But no serious change or solutions ever actually happen. Nor can they.

U.S.A. Races Craving Home

Even more than solutions to U.S.A. problems, many Euro-whites crave a restoration of their culture, now nearly buried under waves of multiculturalism. They walk city streets surrounded by foreign faces and language, not their old familiar America.

Many African Americans seek pride and dignity in America, their own rules of life, not the patronized or victimized status of aliens in a Euro-white society. They sense everywhere their disadvantages, every day reinforces them. Systematic partitioning of America and area-specific laws will create environments suiting those preferring homogeneous cultures as well as those favoring multicultural sectors. Everyone of every racial or ethnic group can freely choose "a home of his own" in sectors Euro-white or African-American or Hispanic-American or multicultural.

One Size to Fit All 

The widespread hostility of the American races against today's "American system" stems from the cookie-cutter mold cast by the central government monolith. The all-powerful central planners invent universal policies and laws for everyone, tightly controlling all the people but fining few or none.

Federal agencies and regulatory police enforce endless rules upon distant communities and industries they know little about. Volumes of rules and regs gush forth by Fed theory, but prove unworkable in local practice. Waste and fraud deluge taxpayers. The Fed's arms reach every home, school, workplace and civic group. No matter huge local differences, the Fed crushes individual preferences and freedoms into its mold.

Americans demand relief from "big government." But the monolith has mushroomed into an all-consuming life of its own-beyond control. All attempts to tame it have proved futile "Secession" is a harsh solution, feared by the timid. But realists grasp it as the sole remaining solution. Even the timid risk lost opportunity: they merely dream who will the end but not the means. As Ben Franklin warned in 1759, "they that can give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither."

Specifics of Secession

Critics of separatism dismiss states' secession as impractical or preposterous. Even arch-conservatives, outraged at the inevitable extinction of Euro-white culture, shrink from secession as the ultimate solution. Monthly essays of the American Renaissance, aimed at halting multiculturalism and restoring Euro-white culture, champion this end but fear the means.

Many conservatives of today are like royalists of the I 770s who shared the rebels' freedom goals but cringed at the necessary means. Secession from England was "Thinking the Unthinkable," to use an apt title in a recent American Renaissance book review. The book reviewed, Richard McCulloch's The Racial Compact (1994), argued explicitly for states' peaceable secession from today's U.S.A.26

Geographical Scenarios

McCulloch, like most contributors to American Renaissance, presents much of the overwhelming evidence for the inevitable extinction of Euro-white culture. Arguing that America's multiculturalist mixing of the races dooms both to extinction, he is among the few who confront squarely the "unthinkable" but sole realistic solution: peaceable secession.

Moreover, he proposes a broad outline of a possible or probable partition of the American land mass. Five independent nations could be formed approximately as follows: the area of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas north of the Colorado River for the black race; an area of southern Texas and New Mexico for the Hispanic race; an area of Arizona and northern New Mexico for the native Indian race (and/or additional parts of California, Nevada and Florida); an area of southern California and Hawaii for the Asian race; the remaining area of America for the Euro-white race.27

Much of the migration into racially homogeneous areas would occur naturally. Even today racial groups tend to stick together and gravitate into congenial areas, as illustrated by the concentration of Hispanics in California and Texas. A similar scenario, Brent A. Nelson's version of geographical partitioning, projects Euro-whites predominant in the northern third of America, blacks in America's Southeast and Hispanics in the Southwest.28

By my own scenario, migration into racially distinct areas would be initiated by the secession of one or several states already mainly Euro-white. The new nation, so formed and having repealed U.S.A.-type anti-white laws, would attract Euro-whites from other states. This process repeated elsewhere over decades and generations would, by voluntary migrations, create racial groupings and new nations approximating the probable geographical partitions described above.

The specific shape of a partitioned America is, of course, merely speculative. It will evolve by states and/or political groups' initiatives, negotiations, conventions of states and nation-building, not unlike the portrait of America's founding in Hamilton's Federalist Papers. In a century or so, America could be five nations, as above, fewer or more, each mainly homogeneous by race and/or cultural, lifestyle, economic or other preferences. Like the processes of partitioning outlined below, the final shaping of America will be gradual, uneven, painful, the work of many decades.

But, unlike today's multicultural extinguishing of pure races, the partitioning process and its completion will assure the survival and dignity of each of America's races. A century or more from now, one will no more imagine the races of America crammed into a single national amalgam than the distinct ethnic nations of Europe.

Rights of New Nations

Once constituted, the new American nations will enjoy sovereignty, rights and freedoms long since crushed by the U.S.A. federal monolith. Like each nation of Europe today (and restoring the spirit of early America's 10th Amendment), each American nation will become free to decide its own destiny, culture and laws. The U.S.A., solely a facilitating umbrella agency (akin to inter-European agencies and Union), will no longer mandate rules, only coordinate the agreements of the nations.

Many new American nations will nullify much of current U.S.A. law curtailing personal and business free choice. Typical changes might evolve as all or some of the following.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

The Fed's maze of anti-discrimination and so-called "civil rights" laws would be ousted from people's lives. People would regain the basic right to make their own choice of associates to live with, work with, hire, promote—or—not; to sell to or buy from whom they choose. Free individuals would make these basic decisions, not a distant and interfering Fed. The caprice of arbitrary "affirmative action" would cease along with a host of similar artificial restrictions upon individuals' own free choice.

Home owners and buyers would shape neighborhoods as they choose, whether adults-only retirement communities, multicultural or racially restricted, or any free-choice community restrictions and rules. Kids would attend nearby schools, not be bussed to exhaustion across cities Same-sex or same-race schools could be legalized or same-sex marriages banned. People dissatisfied with local customs or laws could locate elsewhere. Freedom of choice and local preferences would prevail, not a distant Fed with its one-suit-fits-all mandates.

Schools and Local Preference

Paralleling free control over school enrollments and instructors, local communities will regain the designing of curricular structure. What is taught will be chosen locally. Many school systems will junk the multicultural "deconstructionist" revisions of history, philosophy and literature currently spreading across the U.S.A.

Deconstruction education aims to tear down the traditional Euro-white view of history and great literature, then replace it with multicultural myths taught as truth. Afrocentric educators, for example, teach that ancient Greeks like Aristotle "stole" their culture from black Egyptians specifically the great library of Alexandria. That city was founded in 322 BC by the Greek Alexander; Aristotle died long before the library was built. Deconstructonist theory proclaims all views of history of equal value at a cultural level, the uplifting meanings of myth as valid as literal fact.29

While a new Afrocentric nation in America will be free to teach multicultural values, Euro-whites will be equally free to scrap them and restore traditional American culture in schools.

The dominance of local preference in the new American nations, illustrated by Afrocentric and Euro-white differences, applies equally to other races such as Hispanics (with typically Indian ancestry). Over two-thirds of Hispanics define themselves as "Hispanics first, American second." A new Hispanic nation of America would enshrine its cultural values.30

The new American nations would develop in cultural varieties as different as the nations of Europe. Some might (or not) legalize drugs or penalize illegitimacy. Or enforce capital punishment or legalize abortion. Or abolish welfare or Social Security or the I.R.S., etc. Each would solve today's entrenched problems in its own way. The list of policy choices is endless.

Problems of New Nations

The U.S.A. dissolved into independent new nations seems unthinkable. As noted, even the staunchest critics of the multicultural annihilation of traditional Euro-white values shrink from the ultimate resort of separation. Although desirable, it appears too extreme to be doable.31

But, throughout history, nation-building has been typically the daring and doing of impossible dreams. The founding of the U.S.A. was ridiculed by a sizeable mass of "loyalists" (one, Ben Franklin's son) clinging to the English crown. Today states like Texas or California could separate peaceably and easily be transformed into self-sustaining nations. Most states of the U.S.A. exceed the size and gross national product of many nations of Europe.

Immense problems would challenge the new nations for decades. My attempt to catalog such and evaluate specific solutions is beyond our scope here. But let's illustrate a sample of major problems and some general directions (not facile "easy answers") solutions might take.32

How will the current U.S.A. national debt of $5 trillion be serviced? Probably by sale of huge federal assets and some form of per capita distribution of remaining financial obligations.

The Social Security system might be privatized (as done in Chile, for example). Yields from conservative stock funds far exceed the federal system's. Welfare and other such safety nets for millions could gradually become privatized, restoring the traditions of self-reliance, personal charity and family responsibility for members in need. Risk management should become mainly an individual responsibility, minimizing the role of government, relying on private insurance for health, flood, fire and other risks Oust as we buy our own auto policies). Taxes, a fraction of the current U.S.A.'s, will make self-support affordable.

Leaders will face crises restoring traditional American solutions and inventing new. Inevitable conflicts among the new nations will spawn coordination conventions, compromises and Summits" in the ongoing political transformation.


Historian Arnold Toynbee concluded that civilizations more often die by suicide than by military siege. Gibbon said the same of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. The former U.S.S.R., a superpower immune to conquest, died from rot within.

The unprecedented social, cultural and fiscal crises of today's U.S.A., only briefly sketched above, have proved irreversible, beyond solution in our current political system. The smoldering racial tension, near igniting in deep paranoia in all the races, is only one of the lethal trends. Although the U.S.A. is unlikely to succumb to superior foreign force, all signs point to its slow suicide.

Only the naive could envision as facile the transformation of the U.S.A. into new nations and fealties. 33 The process will be painfully complex, changes in entrenched welfare and similar patterns slow and gradual, fragmented by peaks and valleys of progress, meagre gains with severe setbacks, the work of many generations to accomplish. I have argued here only that such is the sole and last resort all else tried for decades and failed.

Recent rhetoric urging shifts of federal power to the states add up to feeble gestures, not serious solutions-unless the firm threat of states' separation fueled drastic, but unlikely, national policy shifts in power.


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