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The following is reprinted from the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 13, May 1996 Pages 6-7. For Our Agenda part one Click Here



(Part 2) In Issue No. 11 of the BULLETIN, we presented the following agenda of the Council of Conservative Citizens: 1. LONG-RANGE GOAL: To organize European Americans in order to develop their political, cultural, and group consciousness. 2. IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVE: To recruit members, increase attendance at meetings, build up and eventually demonstrate our strength. Item #2 was considered at length in that issue. Now we need to take a closer look at item #1. There is one common objection to item #1: First, we need to concern ourselves with saving the Constitution [or our Southern heritage or Christianity or free enterprise]. The objection that first we need to concern ourselves with saving the Constitution (or our Southern heritage or Christianity or free enterprise) falls to the ground because in each case it can be demonstrated that none of these institutions can be preserved without reference to the status of European Americans. 1. THE CONSTITUTION during the past 30 years had had a large hole knocked into it in the name of racial preference (affirmative action, minority business set-asides, etc.). There is no way that the legal premise of racial preference which holds white males to some kind of retroactive, collective liability can be squared with the Constitution. Any realist must recognize that racial preference can never be successfully challenged, and Constitution rule restored, until a political counter-force is mobilized which is as strong as the political force which established racial preference. This political force must be led by an organization of European Americans. 2. OUR SOUTHERN HERITAGE will be totally expunged from existence written out of the textbooks and, in its monumental aspects, swept from the face of the earth if those who wish to preserve it, European Americans of Southern background, do not organize to preserve it. Again, organization of our people to preserve our heritage does not mean that we wish to degrade the heritage of other peoples. Let them have their separate and distinct heritage and let it be celebrated. All we ask is that our own heritage not be trashed. 3. CHRISTIANITY in America becomes more marginalized each day as our nation accepts more Third World immigrants. Pastor Ray Vaughn of the Bethany Baptist Church in Thomasville, North Carolina, writing on October 1, 1994, in his hometown newspaper, Tri-County Courier, defines this challenge as follows: "Immigrants from foreign soil bring with them their gods to America. The strength of this nation lies in the fact that we are a Christian Nation. This fact has until recent years been recognized by political leaders. We are not a Buddhist nation, nor are we an Islamic nation... "On the battlefield of the School Prayer issue, the argument has become one of multiculturalism. If we allow Christians to pray in school, don't we open the doors also for the Hindus and Islamic people to pray? Won't we also have to let Satanists have religious freedom here as well?" The Third World influx to which Pastor Vaughn refers, with its threat to Christianity in public life, can only be halted by a counter-movement defending America's European heritage. Those who believe that all people can be equally converted to Christianity need to consider what many of these converts will make of Christianity. For an introduction to this subject, we suggest a reading of Post-Christianity in Africa, by the Dutch theologian Oosterhuis, which was published approx. 20 years ago by the respected firm of Eerdmans in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 4. FREE ENTERPRISE does not stand a chance of surviving if a large segment of the population demands not equal opportunity, but equal outcomes. Equal outcomes or equal results can only be guaranteed by an authoritarian socialist state. At present, the basic argument for equal results is not even being challenged. There is no way that the free market ideal of the Libertarians and conservative Republicans can be brought into reality as long as a fourth of the U.S. population, the non-white fourth, is set aside and given a guarantee that it will automatically receive a fourth of all that is produced. Yet, increasingly, that is the demand which is being made. The organized minority demand for equal results can only be neutralized if an opposite but equally strong political counter-movement arises among European Americans. Obviously, the task of organizing European Americans cannot be accomplished in a couple of years, like some limited political objectives. The winning of many lesser objective is, nonetheless, totally dependent upon it.
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