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(The following is reprinted from the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue number 11 February 1996 page 7. This is part one, for part two Click Here)

Editorial Comment:


The Council of Conservative Citizens has the following agenda: 1. LONG-RANGE GOAL: To organize European Americans in order to develop their political, cultural, and group consciousness. 2. IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVE: To recruit members, increase attendance at meetings, build up and eventually demonstrate our strength. Item #2 of the agenda, admittedly, does not sound very stirring. The homely fact, though, is that we cannot get to the great THERE of our ideals without taking a first step in the lowly HERE of present reality. "Shouting slogans and waving flags" may be a necessary first step tp convey our message to others. At this stage, however, in Arkansas, your editor believes that even this activity may be too ambitious, that the best that we can do now is to take the slower, harder, but surer route of carefully chosen words, presented via this bulletin, pamphlets, the internet, letters to the editors of local newspapers, and in our meetings. The Council of Conservative Citizens has turned out 5,000 people to march in Charleston, South Carolina, in support of the Confederate flag's being flown over state property as mandated by that state's law. The C.C.C. in Mississippi turned out over 3,000 people for one candidates' forum, That forum included candidates for Governor and Senator down to the county sheriff level. HOWEVER, Arkansas is neither South Carolina nor Mississippi. Our state has a smaller population, and one that is more thinly dispersed across the state. Thus far, our biggest event saw approximately 130 people attending our semiannual convention in Little Rock. The fact is that we must start from smaller beginnings in Arkansas. Vehemence will not make up for lack of size. No, we do not want to be like a good little doggie, but it would be a silly creature indeed that would dare to parade about with an alligator-sized mouth affixed to the hindquarters of a chihuahua. One organization based in Arkansas has all the impact of such a woebegone creature. They have become notorious for holding "rallies" comprising all of a dozen people on the State Capitol steps. They never fail to look ridiculous and (consequently) never fail to have their silliness fully reported by Mr. Greenberg's newspaper. While we respect their right to do what they do, we also submit that they offer a prime example of what not to do.
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