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From the Bulletin of the Arkansas Council of Conservative Citizens Issue No. 2 (September 1994)

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Who are we?

At my visit to the August meeting of the central Arkansas C.C.C., I made an introductory statement, touching briefly upon the Question presented below. That Question apparently stirred some interest, for I was thereafter approached to reduce my thoughts to writing. I now humbly offer that work for your consideration. It is unfortunate that we are discouraged from public discussion of a veritable host of rhetorical Demons, saving, of course, those which are popular with mainstream media outlets. Ever doomed to walk contrary to current custom. I now dispense with Political Correctness, and address the Twin Terrors: Religion and Politics, for I feel these topics are inexorability linked. These Desperate Times requiring Desperate Measures, I invoke the Law of Necessity, and attempt to bring to your attention a controversial issue bedeviling many Conservatives today. I address this issue because I believe some understanding of it is a prerequisite to any meaningful National Restoration. Regardless of our particular doctrinal persuasions, we must come to understand this Question, our Nation's relationship thereto, and the fundamental implication of that relation - all before we can effect meaningful change in our society. The Question I refer to is this: "Spiritual Israel or Blood Israel - Which are we, and why does it matter?"There are two schools of contemporary Christian thought regarding the Question posed above. An overwhelming majority of "orthodox" American churches consider Traditional Christendom to be the "spiritual heirs" to those Blessings bestowed on Abraham by the Self-Existing Mighty One, Yahweh, generically rendered as "LORD GOD" in our King James Bibles. The claim to being "Spiritual Israel" is generally asserted under the theories that salvation grafts Gentiles into the Abrahamic Covenant, and/or that the residents of Judea, referred to generically as Jews, were "cut off" from some-to-all of Abraham's Blessings for divers reasons, i.e.: God divorced Them for wicked unfaithfulness, scattered Them for rejection of the Messiah, etc. . Most Practitioners of Judaism naturally deny this "cut off" doctrine and assert they are the only Covenant People. There are wide variations in this theory, according to sect. This doctrinal view, in one form or another, presently holds sway with the greater part of Traditional Christendom. Most local Assemblies defer to the teachings of their respective Church hierarchies. Thus, I believe I am on firm ground when I say that the average Christian, if he considers the question at all, believes his sect's version of the "Spiritual Israel" tradition to be wholly "scriptural" position. This Belief appears to be grounded as much on congregational respect for "official church doctrines as on any readily identifiable scriptural text(s). Since this belief, in one form or another, encompasses a majority of Americans who profess the Christian faith, I shall tacitly accept it as representing the mainstream view for the purposes of this article.

A Second school of thought accounts Traditional Christendom as being the literal blood descendants of the dispersed Israelite tribes. This school, of necessity, generally limits the definition of Traditional Christendom to those of Caucasian racial origins, with some sects holding converts of other ethnic origins to be joined or grafted into "Blood Israel" upon acceptance of Messiah, who is held to have opened the formerly blood-specific Covenant to all peoples. These sects are generically referred to as the "Christian Identity" or "British Israel" movements. Certain of these sects vehemently deny non-Caucasians any inclusion in the definition of Christendom. There are also non-Caucasian sects holding analogous views to the effect that their specific groups are the true Israelites. Diversity abounds on this topic to be sure. Regardless of the above digression, scripture (which all Traditional Christendom generally acknowledges as authoritative) states that the Children of Israel were special People (Deut.7:6; Amos 3:2), bringing blessing to all the Earth (Gen. 12:3). To effectuate this special destiny, Yahweh entered into a Covenant with Israel, Which they ratified while journeying to Canaan with Moses following deliverance from bondage in Egypt.

Israel's Scattering - Various Theories

Scripture shows that National Israel repeatedly broke her Covenant with the Eternal, bringing upon herself His Wrath. Consider the Northern Tribes, which split off from Judah and Benjamin during a divinely inspired tax revolt(1 Kings, 11:11;31 12:15). Adopting calf worship from the time of the revolt, and Baal worship under the wicked reign of Ahab and Jezebel, they altogether lost National Identity in the Assyrian deportations of 745-721 B.C. (2 Kings 17:3-6). Initially settled near Nineveh, it is said in the original King James edition of the apocryphal book 4 Esdras, at 13:39-45, that these same captives moved on to explore and settled in other uninhabited lands. From Assyria, these people are said to have cross the Caucasus mountains into Europe, becoming the Caucasian Race. In approximately 606-586 B.C. the Southern Kingdom (Judah and Benjamin) joined the Northern Kingdom in self-destruction, going into captivity 300 miles to the south in Babylon for exactly the reasons as their brethren (Jer.39:4-7). The last reigning, Zedekiah, lost all his sons, and the royal, earthly throne of David disappeared from Biblical History, in apparent contradiction of the promise given in Genesis 49:10. Some of these deportee's descendants, together with other non-Israelities, returned to Judea and rebuilt Jerusalem. There was a period of Persian, Greek rule over Palestine, and then a time of independence Under the Maccabees. It was following the war of 165 B.C., where in independence was achieved, that the Asmonean Priests assumed rulership over Judea until the Roman conquest of 63 B.C. Thus, from Zedekiah's dethronement onward, there has been no reigning Davidic king over Judah. Remember that Herod the Great was and Edomite ruling by Roman appointment when Jesus came onto the scene. The "Spiritual Israel" schools generally hold that the Jews rejected and executed Messiah, God allowed them to uprooted from Palestine by the Romans in 70 AD. It is said by the "Spiritual Israel" schools, that Christendom assumed the Abrahamic Covenant at the death of Jesus. The greatest part of the "Blood Israel" school holds the king-line, which ostensively ended with the Babylonian Captivity, was actually continued by Zedekiah's daughters, who survived the earlier Babylonian conflagration (Jer. 41:10-17; 43:6). These daughters are said to have produced lawful heirs to the Scepter of Judah, which still reign as earthly monarches, and will do so until the second advent of Messiah, in fulfillment of Genesis 49:10. This school generally holds that numerous prophetic utterances, which the dispersed residents of Judea are not thought to have fulfilled, have come to be fulfilled by the "descendants of the Twelve Tribes scattered abroad (James 1:1; Duet. 4:27; John 11:52). The Caucasians-as-Blood Israel sects point out that Caucasian Christendom has been largely responsible for making the Word of God available to the world (Gen. 28:14; Isa 43: 10-12, 59:21). Some of these sects also hold that a diabolic racial analogue to National Israel exist which, being intrinsically Evil, will neither recognize the Christian Messiah (John 5:23, 8:19, 16:2-3), or enter into His Kingdom.


This "who is Israel" question has been the topic of much debate and consternation. It is my opinion that a second reformation-style schism of Traditional Christendom is distinctly possible over this split of opinion, as the two views seem to be at odds with one another on many fronts. However accurate that speculation may ultimately prove, I submit that, for our purposes as a Christian Body Politic, it need not be any more divisive than numerous other religious controversies. Either way you come down on the Identity issue, the end results are the same: We are, as a Christian People and Body Politic, obliged to the Almighty God under the same Divine and Eternal Covenant. Being bound thereunder, it behooves us to become aware of the terms of that agreement, for one can never be justly heard to vary the terms of a contract after acceptance.

Why It Matters To Us As A Nation

As Christians, we can not do as we please. We cannot ignore the Covenant, and expect to prosper as a people. This Nation was founded upon Christian precepts, by Men possessed of such intense faith that few can scare comprehend it today. Our independence is a historical miracle if viewed in light of how the rowboat "navy" of the Colonist humbled proud British Men 'o War, or how our rag tag civilian militiamen could have bested crack British troops. Read the old accounts of the earnest prayers of George Washington before battles, or during the Constitution Convention if you wish to catch the flavor of that Age. Our Forefathers venerated the Eternal God, ascribed our Bounty as His Blessing, and erected this Nation upon the foundation of His Word. Ancient Israel expressly agreed to abide by the laws of the Eternal in a national sense as well as a personal one. In essence, Yahweh married Israel, and She promised to be a faithful wife to Him. Her Government was to be a Theocracy. She agreed to follow His Laws. Under that law, the lending of money to Israelites at usury(interest) was forbidden. Various sexual practices were forbidden. Marriages and alliances with other nations were prohibited. Sorcery, divination, idolatry, or the worship and sacrifice to any "strange" gods were all forbidden upon pain of death. It was this last offense(exacerbated by Israel's failure to remove the former inhabitants from the land) which, proved to be Her undoing. While Israel's many breaches brought plagues, wars, and ruin, it was the last offense which provoked the Eternal to divorce his People and drive them from the Land. It is this proclivity to worship, serve, and generally go whoring after "strange gods" which today provokes Him against our Land, bring us to the brink of national ruin.

Idolatry American Style

Consider the teraphim(household gods) of the Canaanities, which Israel ultimately embraced. Generally a carved gilded, or cast image "representing" Baal, or other gods, the teraphim was venerated and worshipped in many ways. Offerings of food and drink were made, and all manner of servitudes were practiced for it as well. Baal was a god of prosperity, and even children were routinely sacrificed to insure continued "blessing" of "success". See Halley's Bible Handbook, archaeological note: 1 Kings, chapter 18. I see a modern analogue in abortions performed on economic grounds today. Interestingly, in historic times in Europe, human beings were on occasion killed and interred in the foundation of important buildings, exactly as excavations show was done in ancient Canaan. Other ancient worship practices have modern analogues. It was lamented in the Old Testament how a man will cook his meal with half a log, then carve a god of the other half and fall down to worship it. "Well, at least I've never done anything like that" you may be thinking somewhat smugly to yourself. Consider how much usury(interest) our People have shucked out in the last 50 years on one favored, newfangled form of teraphim, that one which comes complete with special paint, electric windows and four on the floor? I used to spend all my spare time, change, and energy on restoring and riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Did that constitute making a god? Giving a sacrifice? Worship? We have our teraphim all right, and we serve them well indeed. I'll grin weakly and move on without belaboring this tender point further.

The Wages of Sin

It seems clear to this writer that the Covenant Blessings, which this Land once enjoyed in stunning abundance, are drying up fast. For the first time in our History, our children are not expecting to enjoy a better lifestyle than did we. The downsizing of the American Dream is upon us. My father supported my mother and I well, providing us a home, serviceable car, and other necessities single-handedly. He even managed to save money. I can presently do none of these things, though I make twice what he did according to the Government's measure of "income" at least. Motherhood as a vocation is sneered at by the media-taught masses as an outmoded, economically inviable institution. Not surprisingly, children today are frightfully abused and neglected, if not terminated in utero. Once born, they are murdered in droves as if made for slaughter. Consider Hosea 8:12-17. They are functionally illiterate, and wholly seduced by the siren song of the 30-second advertising slot. Those who do make it through college generally incur such crushing debt that many declare bankruptcy before they marry, if they marry at all. What about the blessings of fertility Israel was promised, and that our nation enjoyed for centuries? For the first time our birthrate is diminished below the numbers necessary to replace the dead. Then there is AIDS. The Covenant states what the outcome ultimately will be: A sky of brass, earth of iron, disease, destruction and death until the offenders are consumed off the good Land the Eternal gave them. All would do well to consider Chapter 27 of Deuteronomy in light of current trends and events.

What is My Point?

Whether we theologically consider ourselves to be Spiritual or Blood Israel, almost all can acknowledge that America has been a Child of the Abrahamic Covenant. That our Nation is Divinely Established, and has a Destiny to bring blessings to the World seems clear to this writer. Certainly no other nation has both material capacity and Spiritual inclination to share it's wealth as does ours. Sadly, if some significant remnant of American Christendom doesn't turn away from foolishness, and get serious about It's relationship with the Eternal, America will fall hard. It's a natural law of sorts, best I can determine. You can see it happening every day once you understand the Covenant. Most of this Audience knows in It's hearts this Nation is off track. Bad off track. Yet somehow, by the Father's grace we remain a blessed Land. We are not so far gone we can't turn things around. Our potential is eroding fast however. Three generations have been nursed on the foul, clabbered milk of psuedo-scientific Humanist tripe. Force fed to our youth by court-run public schools, this poisonous philosophy has spawned a evil, valueless brood. Literacy plummets and anarchy prevails in all levels of society as a result. Most Americans are clueless as to our True National Heritage. The character necessary to make a new beginning for our Lord is more scare than gold. Shall our children become barbarous wards of an Almighty Police State? They will truly be bondmen on the Continent their Forefathers conquered if change is not forthcoming. Certainly, if we consider the rapidly escalating disarmament policies our "leaders" are imposing on We, the people, the next generation will be the first in American History to lack both the Character and firepower to preserve their Liberties. Without those two qualities, there can be no Liberty. How can children learn of the Faith of their Fathers when many don't even know their Fathers? I submit that we have left but a small window of opportunity, during which we can initiate peaceful corrective action. If we fail in this task, we have no choice but to fight or become slaves. Thankfully, we are promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then [and only then] will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".Healing we need, and all healing must start with Knowledge of the Covenant.

So What Do We Do About This?

National Healing starts with the transmittal of the knowledge of the Covenant to our young and old alike. Truly our People perish for a lack of knowledge. Our leaders do cause us to err, and they do so with an evil purpose. Restoration must begin with those of us who are searching for Answers, for Truth. I challenge each of you to learn of the Covenant, and to educate the few willing souls in your sphere of influence as to It's terms. Like an airborne virus in a crowded room, Truth spreads rapidly once a few "carriers" are inoculated. Despite the watered-down pabulum which passes for Christianity in many churches today, you should recognize that, in the beginning, Christianity was not so much a Religion as a Revolution. Recall the American Revolution began in the pulpits. Rendering unto Caesar what is his, and unto God what is His sounds Politically Correct, until you consider the historical fact that Rome held Caesar to be God. The original statement was a Blasphemous and Seditious Libel against Caesar, according to the standards of the day in which it was uttered. It said there was a power higher than Man, and that the Higher Power was to be obeyed first. Like a ripple, that Revolutionary thought resonated outward, mind to mind, redoubling it's reach until, at last, it became a tidal wave of irresistible power which overthrew the existing order. It gave us our Liberty. Today we inwardly bemoan becoming servants of the government we created to serve us. We know our land is sick, almost unto death. We watch as the curses enumerated by Moses (Deuteronomy 28) descend upon our unhappy land with a vengeance. On the job the whips fairly whistle as employers prepare to collect yet more government-imposed withholding taxes. They have us gathering the straw now as well as making the bricks. If we get to make bricks at all. They call it "restructuring" but it's the same thing Pharaoh pulled millennia before-more work, more work, and more work. Yet that meanness is good for us too. We see the fat of the land siphoned off to feed modern-day Midianites. Consider the endless swarms of foreigners overrunning the borders. Women and children rule over and oppress us every time they demand more "free" government benefits. How many of you, in times of distress, have sought help only to hear you "make" too much to qualify? If we are good enough to produce the wealth, we are good enough to consume some of it too. We just have to get right with our Father first. Do you long for a Gideon who can deliver us from the pillagers? Web were told that everything which happened in times of old was for an example to us today. Recall that Our Eternal Father required Gideon to tear down the alters and groves of the false gods before delivering Israel from Midian. Even so our Redeemer waits for us to tear down our personal alters and groves to quit serving General Motors, Home Box Office, and the constellation of other false gods we presently grovel before every payday. Who among us can tithe properly today? We rob God with every use of the Mastercard friends. Our God waits for the obedience our forefathers [Spiritual or Blood, as you would] promised so long ago. It appears Yahweh waits in vain for His fickle wife to return to Him. Consider the book of Hosea, how does the changeless, Eternal God feel about us today?

Consequences of Ignorance

Until more of our people learn the terms of the agreement, the status quo will not change. The curses are designed and intended to apply incremental pressure-we either change our ways or perish in our folly. We know from prophecy that not all will perish, but most of us may well go into bondage. Change for the better is preconditioned on each of Us taking appropriate and sincere action in our lives. It required that we inspire change in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. Have you a friend who is in debt to the eyeballs? Or whose family reels towards destruction and divorce? Maybe it's time to take that bold step and give them the plain unvarnished Truth. I submit that all of us who are seeking solutions are watchmen, it is our duty to warn the people of coming disaster. Only with understanding of the Covenant promises can healing and restoration come. Regardless of whether you claim those promises on a Blood or Spiritual basis, one thing is clear, we are running out of time to claim them. Our nation stands over the abyss as the enemy continues to methodically chip away at the foundations with 5 year car loans, gun bans, condoms for children, and a host of subtle devices which, in the end , spell slavery and ruin. It is not popular to talk in these terms, for the enemies of our nation know they can not destroy us, but they can cause us to destroy ourselves by violating the Covenant. It was well said, at the dawn of the first American Revolution-we must all hang together, for if we do not, we shall surely hang separately. We are promised that one of us can put hordes to flight when the Eternal leads us. Why not be bold in your calling? Why not share the essential knowledge that can turn mess around? Utter a Revolutionary Thought today: