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From the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 1, July 1994, pages 5-7




Joseph High

Chairman of the Kentucky C.C.C.

It is time to send a message to those who hate our Southern heritage and attack our Confederate Battle Flag! For decades, White Americans general and White Southerners in particular have been intimidated and shoved around by organized racial and ethnic minorities. The National Association of Colored People, the Establishment press, and the "politically correct" crowd incessantly impugn every aspect of our heritage and any manifestation of the respect which we show for our forefathers. They advocate a leftwing, liberal, anti-white, feminist, pro-homosexual agenda which is repulsive to normal people and completely alien to our historical tradition.

It is essential to understand that seemingly unrelated episodes such as the present NAACP assault on the state flags of Georgia and Mississippi, along with the campaign to prohibit high school sports teams from using the name "Rebels" and force their marching bands to cease playing "Dixie" and flying the Confederate Battle Flag, are part of a connected pattern. The people who are orchestrating this anti-flag campaign are the same people who are promoters of pornography, sexual perversion, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and drug abuse. These are the same people who are allowing murderous savages to go berserk in our streets. The same forces who are backing the NAACP also push the NAFTA treaty through a spineless Congress, thereby ensuring that our last remaining manufacturing jobs will be shipped to Mexico. It is a moral imperative that we defeat these people. And, no one is better suited to bring them down than the proud, independent, White working people who still cling to the Southern "Rebel" tradition.

But, what has that old conflict go to do with our current social and political turmoil? After all, the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox in 1865-- right?

To answer the first question, the Confederacy was fighting to retain the rightful sovereignty of its component states. In this regard, it was struggling to uphold the principle of state sovereignty for all of the American states-- not just for the Southern States. When the conventional military forces of the South were defeated on the field of battle, a long and planned process which is now culminating in the loss of independence for all of America and tragic merging into the New World Order global tyranny was considerably accelerated.

As for the second question, it is a historical fact that the Confederate Government never surrendered. Therefore, the Confederate Government and the Confederate Constitution are still the lawful governing entities of the thirteen sovereign states once known as the Confederate States of America. Furthermore, we must also remember that it was the lawfully empowered voters of these thirteen sovereign states of the South who put the Confederate Government in power and voted the Confederate Constitution the law of their land. It was their duly elected representatives, working through state legislature and/or secession conventions, who withdrew the Southern States from the Union and formed them into the Confederacy. They did so to satisfy the sentiments of a majority of their constituents. A few years later, these same Southern states were by overwhelming force of arms, occupied by Northern soldiers for the Federal Union. That action by the Federal Government was unlawful then and that govern-ment's rule over those sovereign states is unlawful now. Although the Federal Government of the United States has been the de facto government of the South since 1865, it is not the de jure or true and rightful government. The passage of time, be it 129 years or a thousand years does not make that which is false into that which is true.

It is true that General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia in April of 1865. Yet, he did not surrender the Confederacy. He had no power or authority to surrender it. General Joseph E. Johnston did not surrender it; he only had authority over the army he commanded and nothing more! The same applies to General Kirby Smith of Texas, and all other Confederate military commanders. The only people with authority to surrender the Confederate States of America were those men who occupied the offices of the Confederate Government. Neither President Jefferson Davis nor any other authorized Southern statesmen ever surrendered or voluntarily dissolved the Confederacy.

The invading Union Army caused the legal government of the Confederate States to be scattered across the South and even across the world. But, that government never surrendered. No peace treaties of any sort were ever proposed to or signed by the Confederate Government. In short, the lands of the Confederate States of America were invaded, its citizens' rights were violated, its legitimate government was overthrown and the country was subjugated by an invading army which performed all the usual acts associated with despotism. Martial law was imposed by the conqueror. Thereafter began the time of "Reconstruction"--a time of tyranny, corruption, and officially sanctioned oppression without parallel in America's history. Large parts of the South remained under martial law until as late as 1877, and Federal military governors ruled as dictators in their districts. Both the U.S. Constitution and the Confederate Constitution were suspended. Habeas corpus and all other legal protections were abolished. Arbitrary imprisonment and executions became standard operating procedure. Civil administration was no better. Anyone who had served the Confederacy in any capacity was barred from voting or holding public office, thus effectively disenfranchising all White Southerners and handing government over to the freed negros, the Northern carpetbaggers, and despicable Southern traitors. Some state legislatures during the 1865-1877 period contained not one single White Southern lawmaker. Drunkenness on the floor of "Reconstruction" legislatures was legendary. Virtually all pretense of actual government was abandoned as politicians and bureaucrats seized huge tracts of land for unpaid taxes from the war years, dismantled machinery and agricultural equipment for shipment to the Northern states, and issued worthless state bonds and bank notes which thoroughly wreaked the economy. In other words, they looted the South wholesale. Anyone who protested was jailed or, often times murdered.

Therefore, armed resistance in the South did not cease after the surrender of the Confederacy's conventional military forces in 1865. Operating under a wide variety of local names and organizations, White Southerners fought on until 1877, when the last Federal occupation troops were withdrawn and the last of the illegal "Reconstruction" Governments were overthrown. These local Southern partisan units were comprised largely of Confederate veterans who, in some cases, virtually reconstituted their former army units. On one occasion, in Mississippi, a whole Confederate regiment donned their old uniforms, hoisted their old flags, took their weapons out of hiding and marched on an assembly of armed negroes who were threatening to attack Vicksburg. These men caught and killed hundreds of the attackers in a hollow along the Mississippi river shore.

During the guerrilla was of 1865-1877, Southern heroism was epic. In New Orleans, Memphis, Natchez, and Mobile freedom fighters fought the "Reconstruction" Government's negro and White gunmen in house to house battles throughout seemingly endless days of street fighting. In 1873, resistance fighters and Texas Rangers surrounded the "Reconstruction" legislature in Austin with cannon, thus forcing carpetbagger Governor Edmund Davis and his "State Police" to surrender. In 1876, all of White South Carolina rose in arms as the Red Shirt movement led by former Confederate General Wade Hampton. In order to redeem their state, these patriots fought a long and bloody election campaign which ended in the storming of the state capitol in Columbia where the invaders had barricaded themselves rather than hand over power. All across the Southland, the mountains hollows, woodlands, and canebrakes resounded with the roar of gunfire in thousand of unsung, mostly unrecorded skirmishes against the hated Federal invaders and their political masters. The important thing to remember is that resistance never ended in the South until the Federal occupiers had been driven out.

Even though the Federal occupation troops were eventually withdrawn from Southern soil, the Federal Government continues in its refusal to recognize the Sovereignty of any of the American states. Furthermore, during the 1950's, the Federal Government essentially reoccupied the south and began to reimpose the old tyranny. Today, the Southern States are once again under the direct subjugation of Washington, D.C. even as the promoters of Global Government seek to impose an all encompassing, universal tyranny.

I is because of this proud "Rebel" heritage of resistance and refusal to bend our knees to oppression that the people who control the NAACP hate and fear our Battle Flag. During this time of modern "Reconstruction", the tyrants who consider themselves to be our owners and masters, do not want us to cherish or emulate such a powerful past.

The Confederacy is alive. It has never died. It is the lawful, legitimate, rightful, and constitutional government of our countrythe Southern States. We will, by the grace of God, return it both to power and to its rightful place among the nations of the earth.

Resistance to Tyranny is obedience to God - Thomas Jefferson