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From the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue No. 9 (November 1995)




Joe Miller

Hey, you sons and daughters of the South, you lucky rascals. You've got more solid pack, world class honorable heritage than any other bunch of people, from any other region, in the world. Even the sun shines brighter on you than on anyone else in the world. Even God put more of his books in your Southland than in any other area of the world, per capita.

Most of the founders of your country, especially the good ones, were Southerners. Most of the world's bravest soldiers, of all wars, were from the South, starting with Washington, to Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Forrest, then on to the most decorated, such as Alvin York, of Tennessee, then to Audie Murphy, of Texas. Plus millions of Southerners whose names were not so highly publicized, but still heroes and heroines.

Just for kicks, compare Robert E. Lee with the man who stayed drunk so much of the time and was known as "Lincoln's butcher."In some cases, this guy lost as many as a thousand of his men per mile of ground gained. This is the first known "kamakazi" type of battlefield success based on massive human sacrifice. He went on to head our country's most corrupt administration.

For more kicks, we could compare "Stonewall" Jackson, a religious gentleman soldier from Virginia, to the lunatic Sherman, the man who made Georgia howl in his atrocious trip through that state. Talk about fire and brimstone!

How about that man who the blood of six hundred thousand Americans on his hands, the man who, alone, created the bloodiest of all American tragedies, the Civil War. This guy created five million homeless people with the stroke of a pen. This big, tall, lanky man from Illinois, who looked like he was half asleep, wrote down dreamy words and created the world's greatest and most fisastrous nightmare, was called "Honest Abe."That's the world's sickest joke.

Fast forward to Eisenhower. He's the phony hero who sat back in good old safe England, getting his medals, while his soldiers boys, mostly Southerners, were wallowing in the mud of France, Italy, Germany and many, many other not so well-known places. He was also a disastrous president, especially in 1957.

MacArthur played that same role of soldier in the Pacific. Another "Sit on your safe butt general."

There are as many stories of heroism as there are Southern people. So stand up cheer up, look up, speak up and be proud of your native homeland, the good old, dear old South.


Surrender your heritage today--your principles tomorrow--your self-respect forever. Deny your heritage, deny your name, nothing will ever be the same.