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From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number One: Conservative Reaction to Multicultural America. (1997)

Racial Separation in a New America

by James Owens

Alexis De Toqueville in his 1831 visit to America prophesied that white-black tensions would become the new nation's chief crisis. Washington and other founding fathers Jefferson, Madison, etc.), with grave fears of it, had sounded the same warning, many urging repatriation of black slaves to their ancestral homelands. Their far-sighted wisdom was ignored - as are today similar bold, but necessary, separatist solutions.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Short-sighted Americans refused to repatriate the slaves. They exploited blacks as low-cost economic assets, ignoring all laws of long-range unintended consequences and the inevitable demographics of exponential procreation. The slaves' decedents today, along with other non-white immigrants (Hispanic. Asian and African), will emerge as the majority in America's Year-2050 population count, about 52% non-white. Whites and their Euro-white culture will be the vanishing minority. Even now, and rapidly. America's traditional Euro-white culture is being supplanted by a maze of non-white customs, languages. values and behavior.

Today America's major cities are mainly non-white. Most mayors, city officials and TV News people are non-white. Euro-whites are, by the 1990 census, the minority percentage (or near it) in all except two of America's ten largest cities: New York City (46% white), Los Angeles (45%), Chicago (46%). Houston (44%), Philadelphia (58%), San Diego (69%), Detroit (22%), Dallas (49%), Phoenix (75%) and San Antonio (38%). Miami is only 10% white, Atlanta 3004, Baltimore 40%, Washington (the capital city) 29%. You can travel Washington's neighborhoods for miles and never see a white face. Europeans might empathize by imagining non-whites and their cultures overwhelming London, Paris or Berlin.

Racially Diverse Populations

Massive population transformations into new single-culture nations over centuries-long periods are common. Today's "English race" is the 2000-year-old fusion of conquering Roman Empire soldiers. Scandinavian Vikings and Germanic invaders, French Normans of 1066 and others of the European continent. However, the European transformations in nation-building and population remained racially homogeneous. Although ethnic cultures vied, mixed and fused, emerging nations remained Euro-white in genetic structure, culture, values and color.

So did last-century America with its waves of immigrants from Europe. These Euro-whites, arriving in America with diverse ethnic cultures, soon assimilated into and became part of the new America. With intermarriage among them common, generations later ethnic origins and languages faded as they all became culturally and firmly Americans.

Today's America is radically different, racially diverse with soaring nonwhite procreation rates and immigration, visibly segmented by color and cultures. Nonwhite languages (Hispanic, "black English," etc.) and culture replace American language and culture throughout many American cities and regions. Many (or most) non-whites are Afro or Hispanic first, "American" second or not at all, resist or reject traditional American culture - and yearn to replace it with their own.

Euro-white self-destruction

How did today's America become overwhelmingly non-white? By the law of exponential procreation (non-white birth rates for generations steadily exceeding whites'). But also by the single-flaw force of a Shakespearean tragedy. Like Othello's unfounded jealousy, the single-flaw hamartia of America's collective Eurowhites is profound but unfounded guilt. Whites, driven by repentance for their ancestors' slave-trading shame, yield irrationally to every black demand for compensation, reparations and preferential treatment ("affirmative action") .

The irony of today's fully accepted theme of "black-Americans as victims" is well expressed in a Washington Post's staff writer's book, Out of Africa. The author, himself a black, toured Africa on assignment for two years, and expressed huge thanks that his ancestors got out of Africa—or he might today be one of the nameless bodies floating down an African river dead by disease or tribal wars. Often ignored is that America's slaves were first enslaved by African war lords, then sold to white slave traders. Despite the slavery conditions of their ancestors in America, usually quite paternal and benign, today's American blacks, many highly educated or comfortable on welfare, are fortunate indeed, compared to their miserable cousins in Africa.

"Civil Rights" Laws

"Civil rights" legislation, soaring since mid-century, mandates racial quotas and outlaws free choice in hiring or promoting by merit, schools' rights to control admissions, owners' rights to sell or rent by their own preference. Even TV commercials are compelled to harmonize the actors in racial mixtures by quotas and mixed-race male-female strobes (suggestive of or encouraging interbreeding and intermarriage).

For Euro-whites "civil rights" is endless Orwellian doublespeak, "civil rights" obliterating original American rights of free association, discriminating use of property - and no tyrannical Government taxation.

The Social Costs of Multiculturalism

Welfare programs, initiated as temporary assists for the Depression unemployed, have now mushroomed into lifelong money, food and housing subsidies for millions of non-whites living on Government doles. Whites also exploit the welfare system, but the deeply-ingrained force for its permanence is white guilt, retribution for ancient slavery (and unmentionable fear of race-riot violence by millions). Federal largess is both irresponsible - and astounding. The U.S.A. is $5 trillion in debt, annual deficits shifting the increasing burden to yet unborn children. America's superpower military awes the world, but the brave outward facade masks the social decay festering beneath. By original American standards, the U.S.A. is bankrupt, fiscally - and morally.

Traditional Euro-American moral values are swamped in a sea of normalized deviancy. Once-normal American values of family integrity, individual responsibility and self-reliance are mocked by Third-world attitudes and lifestyles. Thirty years ago 1 in 40 white children was born illegitimate; today it's 1 in 5. Then 1 in 5 black children was illegitimate,- today ifs 2 of 3. The list of today's "normal" lifestyles shocking basic moral sense and traditional family values is endless.

Violent crime is notorious throughout America, the USA now among the most crime-ridden of civilized nations. Violent criminals, armed with more "civil rights" than their victims, are emptied onto the streets to repeat their crimes. Law-abiding residents dare not walk streets of inner cities. They imprison themselves at home behind chain-lock security systems, yielding the streets to free-roving gangs.

By government mandates, kids are bused far from home, bewildered and exhausted, public schools now dedicated mainly to diversity training. Multicultural conditioning by liberal social engineering is the official goal of schools, not basic education. Classes are "dumbed down" by government mandate to accommodate an incompatible mix of languages, home training and cultural attitudes. Accepted today as "normal," 20% of high school "graduates" literally can not read or write well enough to handle the simplest of jobs. These millions of the uneducated become unemployables, channeled into welfare dependency, cynicism, drugs or angry street crime. The goal of today's Government social engineering and propaganda is to integrate kids, homogenize them, not to educate them in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Government strategy is as old as history: convert the young; let the old heretics die off—and new generations will be of our programmed mind and making.

White Denial

Euro-white near-extinction and replacement by a multicultural society are only several generations distant. Does this worry today's average American white'? Strangely, no. Driven by collective guilt to embrace all legislation and subsidies favoring non-whites, most American whites live in a state of sheepish denial. They block out the inevitable for their children who will never know Euro-white culture, only a mix of multicultural values and lifestyles. Their children will live the cultures of primitive third-world countries. which failed there to develop advanced civilizations, but are idealized as "cultural diversity" and imitated here in the new America. But most whites of today live in a rationalized cocoon, shielded from their inevitable extinction as a race—or resigned to it or too fearful to confront and fight it.

Resistance to Multiculturalism

There does exist a highly-vocal but tiny resistance movement protesting the erosion of states' rights and the multiculturalizing of America. Its advocates are scattered pockets of publishers. writers and associations lacking coordinated organization or political clout. Stalwart examples are the (Council of Conservative Citizens in St. Louis, the American Renaissance monthly journal and the Southern League. But, unlike a well-organized and single-focus NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), white resistance is widely splintered into hundreds of tiny, angry but powerless groups with no coordinated strategies or focus. Some concentrate on preservation of the Confederate flag on public buildings or reenact the Southern anger of the Civil War. Others analyze endlessly comparisons of racial IQs, suggesting unfortunately hints of counterproductive supremacism. Many yearn for a long-gone past of a mainly white America. Few confront the mixed-races reality of here-and-now America and Focus on workable compromises satisfactory to all America's races.

Their cries in the wilderness pepper media fringes but are ignored by mainstream America, if not condemned as "racist" at the very edge of punishable anti-discrimination "hate" laws, Their appeals. however, are mainly and merely for restraints upon soaring illegitimacy, welfare excesses, immigration. dumbed-down schools, street crime, affirmative action and similar social diseases. Few, if any, risk a public plea to repeal the draconian network of "civil rights" and antidiscrimination laws which are the sustaining fuel for multiculturalizing America.

Both Parties Locked into Multiculturalism

Thus, racial diversity and integration are fully entrenched as the new American ideal—and de facto reality as mandated by draconian "civil rights" and antidiscrimination laws of the 1960s, enforced by severe criminal and civil penalties. Violate any integration laws and you are risking prison, fines or the bankruptcy of your business. The basic status quo of racial diversity, as firm national policy, is accepted and unquestioned dogma by both major parties, both Democrats and Republicans (how else can they get elected?). On "civil rights" issues, Republicans must today vote as liberal-left as Democrats. Republicans hazard an occasional dent in the civil rights machinery, limiting affirmative action for example, but these are feeble gestures merely to appear conservative. No mainstream party dares defend our original Constitutional freedoms, especially the rights to free association, the right to live with your own kind and culture, to live in an all-white neighborhood, or hire whom you please with no Big-Government racial or gender quotas.

The Government Leviathan

The descent into irreversible multiculturalism has been orchestrated by the social engineering of an all-powerful federal Government, made so first by Lincoln and then by Franklin Roosevelt. For some idea of it, the entire tax code plus regulations in 1952 was one inch thick; today it's 15 inches thick! For over a half-century, the Washington bureaucracy, aided by politically skewed Supreme Court liberals, has perverted the 10th-Amendment states' rights of the Constitution, seizing power and taxes from the originally autonomous states and controlling every local community by a maze of federal regulations. Hundreds of these regs mandate multicultural norms ranging from racial hiring quotas to forcibly integrated neighborhoods. No matter how much you prefer to live with your own kind and culture, you don't dare plan an all-white neighborhood or school. The federal government, not the specific circumstances and preferences of a local community, controls these critical personal and business decisions. In short, whites have now lost their once-most-prized personal freedom of choice (to "discriminate" has the same dictionary meaning as to "choose") .

A Non-white America

By 2050, the entire nation will be mostly non-white, "people of color," many shades of tan, a "rainbow" population. Euro-whites, founders of America, will soon be a powerless minority, often a despised minority. Blacks never forget their centuries of slavery. Many still resent it, re-live it with TV epics like Roots, yearn to right the wrongs. For years the Black Caucus in Congress continues to agitate for a massive payback Reparations law to systematically divert annually $billions from whites to blacks. With non-whites' increasing political force, Euro-white extinction is inevitable. With submission of whites and full-scale racial intermarriage and interbreeding, complete removal of a pure-white genetic strain from America will happen within about a century.

Strategies for Euro-white Survival

So, facing imminent extinction of Euro-whites and their culture in America within the next century, what should be our overall strategy to save ourselves?

(1) Chip away: Work within our current centralized "Big Brother" federal U.S. system and chip away at anti-white laws and national policies within the two major parties. This first strategy can be dubbed "Chip-away" (i.e. at Big Brother Washington) until a major political party restores white rights.

(2} States Rights: Agitate for full states rights, but still within the political system of the United States; fully restore 10th Amendment states rights and roll back anti-white laws. This second strategy would restore the power of each state to handle civil rights laws, keep or repeal some or all of them.

(3) Secession of one or more states; Launch a racial separateness objective based on secession of some or all states from the current U.S.A. The third strategy can be called "Nation-building;" states or groups of states secede from the U.S.A. and build new American nations with laws of their own choice (not that of Big Brother Washington or either of the current political parties).

The Separateness Aim of the Strategies

All three strategies involve racial separateness. Note that I here shun emotionally charged stereotypes such as separatist, supremacists, racists, racialism, etc. Strategies which involve any sort of hatred of any race by another, such as white or black supremacism, are not only human evil, but also doomed to self-destruction for all the races in the fires of racial wars and outcomes common in central Africa.

I thus prefer the neutral meaning of separateness: defined as merely the desire of people of any race to choose to live among their own kind as a preference, with full respect for other races, no aims to dominate or subjugate and expecting the same respect in return. Separated races could enjoy living and working and marrying and schooling in the familiar and comfortable environment of their own racial cultures each with its own customs manners, values, religions. behaviors, speech. language and total way of life This yearning for the comforting familiarity of one's own kind is virtually universal. It transcends merely racial differences, such as in Quebec: French whites are determined to live separately from English Canadian whites; or Japan with its severe immigration policies to preserve its racial integrity.

The human preference for racial separateness is not a superficial whim that Government can legislate. ban and smother by draconian anti-discrimination laws or forced integration of neighborhoods and schools. The past 50 years are testimony to the opposite. As cities became black and Hispanic, whites separated, white-flight sought the suburbs. As blacks and Hispanics entered the suburbs, whites retreated farther away. The deep-down urge of most whites fuels a mass migration of whites into ever-new and remote Euro-white neighborhoods, until they are racially integrated. Then they move on again. The urge for separateness is simply a human fact, despite all Big Government attacks to enforce integration by diversity education, anti-discrimination and integration laws. It's a bizarre mission of trying to legislate basic human likes and dislikes.

Let's now examine briefly the three strategies: the "chip-away'," the "10th Amendment states rights approach," and the "Nation-building" or Secession strategy.

The Chip-away Strategy

Strategy-1 is to restore white rights to choose freely life and work separately from other races in America by pushing back the waves of civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, overturning all the Supreme Court rulings which created the liberal diversity-mania now deluging the nation. This "chip-away" strategy aims to win a minor affirmative action reversal here or an age-segregated retirement community there (even these forcibly integrated by race), and so on. Even a first glance at this strategy, now in 1997, not in the 1960s, is blasted with futility: for starters, both major parties remain today fully committed to the racial status quo. Any rollback of this is not even debatable or questioned by politicians whose main goal in life is merely to get re-elected.

Since the 1930s the liberal Democratic party has championed multicultural diversity and accelerated it dreamily as the American ideal. The conservative Republican party' initially resisted but now, by political necessity, embraces it albeit with anemic reforms of affirmative action and welfare programs. In short, the "chip-away" strategy is wishful thinking which ignores the mixed-races reality of today and full-scale integration laws firmly in place, just as its onset was ignored in the I 960s. Strategy-I has long since been overtaken by events of the 1960s. At that time it might have worked, but now it's far too late.

The States Rights Strategy

In Strategy-2 the current federal government would reverse a century of legislation and court rulings. In the original Constitution, the Union was a sharply limited creature of the states. Today the states are creatures of the Union. It's been well over a century since Lincoln turned the original Constitution upside down and wiped out all meaningful states rights. And fifty years since FDR launched the new, centralized. huge and tyrannical Big-Government U.S., now firmly and forever a national fact.

Most defenders of states' rights, striving to roll back the multicultural tide and preserve America's original Euro-white culture for their children, try vainly to do it within the present political system. Stripped of idealistic hopes, this unworkable illusion would imagine multicultural enthusiasts voting against their own deepest and passionately gained interests. Realistically, this won't happen. America is irreversibly a multicultural amalgam cemented in place by a mutually reinforcing federal bureaucracy.

Chances of returning meaningful power to the states are nil. Strategies 1 and 2 are both hopeless strategies. For one thing, any success in the first two strategies would demand that a national majority in a largely non-white nation repeal the core of civil rights laws established over a half-century by non-white activism. A majority of the entire national Congress and the federal courts would have to reject and undo a halt-century of civil rights, anti-discrimination and racial-diversity laws. Few, if any, Congressmen - of either party - could challenge the massive Rainbow population of America and ever get reelected. Strategies 1 and 2, 1 fear, simply won't work. They are dreams of a long-gone Utopia - arid just won't happen.

The Strategy of States' Secession

But an overwhelming majority of whites in one state (or several;) could create a powerful state-wide consensus in that one state, demanding a return to the rights of the original Constitution—and the 10th Amendment. To achieve it, the state would have to secede.

In Strategy-3 the secession approach, a state or group of states would declare independence as a new nation (or several new nations). Space limits here disallow discussion of details, tactics and specific planning. But these would be essential. A serious effort would require major think-tanks, such as a Cato Institute, for research studies of every problem facing a new nation along with evaluation of solution options and task forces for planning. Transition problems would be immense. Plans would need to shift to any new American nation all the functions of its parent U.S.A. such as banking, business regulation, health care, legal systems, servicing of national debt on a pro-rata basis, treaties and all lances with the U.S. and other nations for national defense, trade, environmental protection, and so on.

Nation-size States of America

But many states are already nation-size societies, larger than many nations of Europe. Every state already has in place workable infrastructures, both economic and physical, and the political, legal and administrative machinery for local government. It's not as if a seceding state is starting from scratch like post-war Germany or Japan, Most states, if seceded from the U.S. and its IRS and unfunded mandates and its socialistic welfare statism, would be economically healthier than the U.S. Indeed, the very economic strength of a future white region might create "haves-vs-have-nots" kinds of problems requiring foreign aid (or even a form of "reparations') to neighboring American nations to avoid upheavals on the continent.

Other races would do the same. Many blacks and Hispanics desire separateness, living fully within their own cultures, with their own kind, not forcibly integrated by Orwellian Government edict. Moreover, many black leaders in business, politics and the professions resent white policies, however well-intended, which bury black pride in welfare dependency. They are as separatist-minded as Euro-white preservationists. Responsible white and black separatists reject all shades of racial hatred or supremacy (racism) as brainless self-destruction. They seek solely solutions to intolerable racial tensions by mutual amicable separation, optimum development of their incompatible races, each living its own culture in its own way with its "own kind."

Racial tension would become defused as the races separated. The U.S. might ultimately evolve into four new nations, one mainly Hispanic, one black, one white and one a Rainbow nation (similar to the current U.S.). Over generations, people of each race or preference would gradually migrate across America to the new nation which most favors their interests. Each nation's immigration policies would protect the integrity of each race.

New American Nations

All other options futile, there remains as viable only secession of one (or some) states now mainly white (examples are Oregon and other states of the northwest). Secession, once "unthinkable," is fully legitimized today. Free democracies have sanctified the principle of self-determination as absolute justification of independent nation-building. It would be unthinkable hypocrisy and condemned world wide as human-rights crimes if the U.S.A. repeated any "Civil War" atrocities against a seceding state.

The final shape of America's new nations will be an evolutionary process, natural migrations over generations, not some centralized grand scheme, drawing national borders by a top-down dictate of central planners in some sort of war room.

The Chip-away Strategy- and 10th-Amendment Strategy-2 are safe solutions, no rock mg of boats. but with no chance at all, hopeless strategies. Secession is a drastic solution (just as independence from England was in 1776)—but resolute efforts in that strategic direction have some chance, as much a chance as the American independence effort of 776.

Our choices are grim. Chip away at the status quo, knowing it's futile. Or, with some chance of success, risking the disturbance of secession from an America which became—and is—a Big-Government Big Brother monster. The America of our fond memories is gone, no longer exists.

The legality of secession is not the obstacle to states declaring themselves free nations and discarding the multicultural laws which now annihilate their Euro-white culture. Nor are transition challenges such as economic adjustments, foreign trade negotiations or cooperative alliances with neighbors. The pivotal barriers are white complacency, guilt and denial. Conservative leaders, by persuasive educating. must work to reverse these public attitudes.

The Threat of Secession

A final possibility: Even if a firm secession effort faltered short of complete success. the serious threat of it might roll back some of the anti-white policies and laws of the current government. A state, say Oregon, might repeal major draconian Federal civil rights laws in its state. The Federal Government would retaliate. Oregon might then threaten secession, having in hand a contingency plan that would surely work. In our age of United Nations and international support for the principle of self-determination, the U.S.A. would never dare reconstruct a Lincoln like massacre of a state such as Oregon. The U.S.A. and Oregon would compromise with significant concessions for white rights. More state's rights for Oregon would follow in the same way. Such concessions would quickly transfer into other states.

Just possibly, the serious threat of secession, backed by workable plans for it, might return the nation to its original 10th-Amendment health—with no need to actually secede.

In any event, secession or the threat of it is now the only realistic key to a true reversal of civil rights. anti-discrimination laws and the entire machinery of anti-white policies in America.

Lastly, the three strategies are not mutually exclusive. They are synergistic. All can be used in combination, reinforcing each other. But, realistically, none will work without secession—or the genuine threat of it.