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From the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 10

Real People,

Real World, U.S.A.


Joe Miller

The South is divided into two primary "communities." These communities are separated, for the most part, by color. That color is not necessarily the color of the skin. That color is determined by the shade of the perceptions, lifestyle, beliefs, environment, experiences and means of survival.

Africa, for the most part, appears to be uncivilized. Europe, for the most part, appears to be civilized. The comparison of the two continents, as perceived by the layman, should form a foundation on which to build a reasonable conclusion as to why people, for the most part, conduct themselves and, thereby, have an effect on both communities.

The newspapers are filled with stories, every day, about man's inhumanity to man. The perception is, for example, if a white man assaults a black man, it is an attack on the black community, and demands are made for severe punishment. If a black man attacks a white man, it is considered to be justifiable reaction to the white man's prior sins. The black man has the right to vent his anger and attack the white person, without any form of punishment, because of past discrimination. If that argument wears thin, concerning past discrimination, then the argument switches to "continuing" discrimination.

That leads us to present day policy of attempting to "level" the playing field. It never gets level. The black community's method of leveling that playing field would be to lower the levels, or standards. The white community's method is to raise the abilities of the black person so he can compete on the already established level, or standard, of the playing field.

That leads us to "affirmative action," which seems to acknowledge that the blacks man's skills will never equal the skills of the white man, so the level of the playing field is now "tilted." The previously level field is now lowered on one end to accommodate the unqualified. That policy does not meet the requirements of equal justice under the law. That amounts to separating the races even further. That separates people based on the color of the skin. Now we have a constitutional problem. Some people are getting a ride in their pursuit of happiness. Other have to get it the old-fashioned way; they have to earn it.

That leads us to the "political correctness," an accepted practice, by some, to pretend that there are no differences, and if there are differences, then we cover them up and act and speak under restraint and fear of facing facts. Every word must be tailor made to limit freedom of speech. Another constitutional problem comes into play.

There seems to be only one solution. The only way to solve all the problems of our sick society is for the SOUTH to rise again. Let's go to work on it.