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From THE ARKANSAS EUROPEAN-AMERICAN BULLETIN of the Arkansas Council of Conservative Citizens Issue Number 21, August 1998. Pages 3-4.



A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, a philosophy professor ask your editor to name the three most important political philosophers. We answered: "Plato, certainly, Machiavelli, and well, it's difficult to say, either Locke or Hobbes." "Hobbes!" was the savant's reply. Thinking back now, we have to agree with him. Hobbes' major work can be epitomized as a gloss upon one short sentence: PROTEGO ERGO OBLIGO. (This is the thesis of Carl Schmitt, who may be the most important political philosopher of the 20th century.) PROTEGO ERGO OBLIGO is the old Roman formula which, in plain English, means "I protect; therefore, I obligate."The sovereign protects the persons and property of his subjects and they, in turn, are obligated to obey him. Obviously, the reverse is also true. If government cannot protect our persons and our property, then it is fatuous for the officials of government to insist on our obedience to them. We raise this point not to argue for anarchy or even minimum government. We just want government to do its job. Right now, the federal government is failing to protect the states of the federal union from foreign invasion (as is mandated by the Constitution). We are being invaded by illegal aliens. If the invasion continues, we will be threatened in our persons and property. American citizens are already so threatened in many areas of California and Texas. Thinking further, we see that American citizens are not protected even in other areas. When you read the article in this issue by Michael Clayton, keep this in mind when he refers to the "jungle creatures" who threaten young people in our schools and on our streets, especially in Little Rock. The officials of Little Rock (and other municipalities, especially in the South) can hardly say PROTEGO and keep a straight face, but they have no trouble in insisting on saying OBLIGO (a.k.a. pay your property tax!). Think about it. CONSPIRACY NOT NEEDED RECENTLY YOUR EDITOR was asked for assistance in finding a book detailing the lore of Freemasonry. The man who wanted to consult the book said that he had heard that the Freemasons had developed a tactic whereby they used attractive women to lure men in positions of power into situations that would compromise them. This inquirer had noted also that almost everyone involved with Monica Lewinsky, the purported seductress of President Clinton, is Jewish as is Lewinsky herself. He saw in this a Jewish conspiracy to "get" Clinton for some reason or other. We beg to differ with this conspiracy theorist on two points: (1) The tactics of seduction certainly did not originate with the Freemasons. Indeed, this method of disarming one's enemy can be traced at least as far back as the days of the Old Testament. (Furthermore, we think that Bill Clinton is old enough to look after himself and not fall prey to such machinations.) (2) We do not believe that a Jewish conspiracy is needed to "get" Clinton because the Jews "got" Clinton long ago. Half of his cabinet-level appointees are Jews. Albright, Holbrooke, Berger, Cohen, and Rubinthe artificers and controllers of U.S. foreign policy are Jews. Incidentally, we do not believe that there is a "vast, right-wing conspiracy" to "get" Clinton, either.