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What's New?

From THE ARKANSAS EUROPEAN-AMERICAN: Bulletin of the Arkansas Council of Conservative Citizens, Issue Number 17, February 1997, Pages 1-2.


What's in a Name?

With this issue our newsletter takes a new name. The old name has been kept as a subtitle. In taking a new name we are following the lead of the newsletter of the North Carolina division of the C.C.C. which was recently re-named to become The New European-American.

In Issue No. 16, we stated that the long-range goal of the C.C.C. is "To organize European Americans in order to develop their political, cultural, and group consciousness." Obviously, the scope of the Arkansas division of the C.C.C. is limited to our state, hence this newsletter's name.

The use of the term European American itself raises several question. We shall attempt to answer some of them.

Why should we use the label European American instead of "white" or "Caucasian"?

In using the term European American in political-cultural activity, we are following the pattern set by other groups. African Americans have the N.A.A.C.P. Hispanic Americans have the L.U.L.A.C. Asian Americans and Native Americans are also organized.

Although it is easier to say the word white in conversation and in meetings we will continue to use the terms white, black, and yellow in referring to races European American is politically a much better term for several reasons.

First of all, we have nothing to do with groups that advocate white supremacy or white superiority. That belongs to the discredited past. The word white is hopelessly mixed up with these groups. We don't wear sheets over our heads and burn crosses. We don't "hate" other people. All we want to do is to organize our own group on behalf of our own rights and interests.

Secondly, the words white and Caucasian include ethnic groups that have their origins outside Europe (Turks, Jews, Arabs, Iranians). Those groups are already organized. When "white males" in America are attacked and told that their careers must be ruined because of some past guilt of the white race, you can be sure that only males of European descent are intended.

Doesn't it divide us to speak of European Americans?

We are already divided in this country into the racial groups named. On second thought, we can't be divided because we were never together to start with.

What does divide us is to speak of nationality group German Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, etc. as if they were all-important. To speak of European Americans is to call for unity, not division.

Aren't we first of all Southerners?

This does divide us. We need allies in other parts of the country. As Dr. Samuel Francis pointed out in his excellent speech in memory of Michael Westerman, who was murdered because his pickup truck flew a Confederate flag, young Westerman was not killed by Yankees. We do honor the Southern heritage and Confederate history. The C.C.C. has been in the front ranks of activist defending the flying of the Confederate flag above the South Carolina Capitol. The C.C.C. has also been active in opposing efforts to alter the state flag of Georgia. However, first of all identifying ourselves as Southerners means that we have to drag around a lot of detrimental history as well. It means getting endlessly bogged down in hair-splitting historical disputes about slavery and segregation. As for secession, it is a double-edged blade. If Mississippi were to secede from the Union tomorrow, within one generation it would become the Republic of New Africa.

Why can't we just be Americans?

We are not allowed to be just Americans. That label is reserved for Native Americans who, we are told, are the only true Americans. We are European Americans. We Europeans living in America need to remember that what we have in common is our blood unity whether we are rich or poor, Democrats or Republicans, liberal or conservative, Yankees or Rebel. You had better believe that that is the way our enemies see us!

We need to respect all other people, but we definitely need to get organized in our own name to defend our rights and interests.