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From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number Four: 2000 and After (2000)

Manuscripts Invited

Manuscripts addressing the following topics are invited to be considered for publication:

(1) Conservatism and Ideology. This is a possible theme for a future issue. Contributors might consider one of the following questions: Is Conservatism an Ideology? Do Conservatives Need an Ideology? What is the Significance of Ideology in the Conservative Movement?

(2) America and Europe. This is another possible theme for a future issue. Manuscripts written by natives of European nations would be especially welcome. The following are possible topics: America's British Heritage. America and Britain: Is There Still a Special Relationship? America and the New Germany: Has Anything Changed? what Can Americans Learn From France? America and Eastern Europe.

(3) Issue-length essays. An entire issue of the Occasional Papers can be devoted to one essay. Any issues of public policy considered from the standpoint of conservative citizenship can be possible topics. Obviously, more lengthy manuscripts (40 to 70 double-spaced, typewritten pages) are sought. It is suggested that an inquiry be mailed to the editor before anyone undertakes the writing of a lengthy work. An indication of editorial interest is not to be interpreted as acceptance of a proposed work.

As a general rule, purely polemical writings are not sought. Scholarly (i.e., value-neutral or value-free) writings (e.g., historical or sociological studies of the American conservative movement) will be given serious consideration. Annotated bibliographies and bibliographical essays are not excluded from consideration.

Typewritten, double-spaced copies of manuscripts are preferred. Submissions via electronic disks or electronic mail will not be considered without prior approval from the editor. No responsibility can be assumed for loss of manuscripts. Authors should always retain copies of their manuscripts for their own records. Manuscripts and inquiries from authors may be submitted to: Brent Nelson, Editor, Occasional Papers, P.O. Box 56653, Little Rock, Arkansas 72215.