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From the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 12, April 1996, Pages 2-3.


COMMUNISM: A foolish social experiment which formerly was forced upon the People of Russia by their government.


RACE-MIXING: A foolish social experiment which is still being forced upon the people of the United States by their government.


WITCH HUNT: Throughout America, the leftists are conducting a witch hunt to find racist. They can save themselves time and effort by taking note as to who is the leader of all the racist: that grand old witch know as Mother Nature.


NO, WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP! The following is a verbatim quotation from a February 21, 1996, Reuters news story transmitted via the Internet: "Michael Metz, a strategist at Oppenheimer & Co., called Buchanan 'the least palatable candidate for Wall Street.'"

Evidently, the Oppenheimer family produces Wall Street buccaneers as well as Communist agents and inventors of hydrogen bombs.

Incidentally, what is a "strategist" on Wall Street? Is the out come of his activity palatable for the working men and women of America?


PAT BUCHANAN HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF BEING ANTI-SEMITIC, as has Pat Robertson. We believe that the term is a misnomer for anti-Jewish, and is inapplicable to either of the two Pats.

The Jews are a remarkable group. Some conservative Jews have revealed that half of the New Left during the 1960s consisted of Jews. (See, for example, Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter, Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians, and the New Left, Oxford Univ. Pr., 1982, Passim. We could cite several other sources for this statistic, all Jewish.) Politically conservative Jews deplore this fact as well as the fact that fully half of the members of the Communist Party, U.S.A., have been Jews. (For the latter statistic see, for example, Guenter Lewy, The Cause That Failed: Communism in American Political Life, also Oxford U.P., 1990, p.295.)

If either Pat B. or Pat R. has been critical of a disproportionate number of Jews, it is because a disproportional percentage of New Leftists and Communist are Jews. It remains to be proved that either Pat is anti-Jewish.

Conservative Jews, who usually refer to themselves as neoconservatives, want to conserve capitalism. For them, Wall Street presents a better strategy than does Communism.

(Religiously observant Jews are divided into three major denominations: Reformed, Conservative, Orthodox. It should be noted that these are religious groupings only, and have no political meaning.)