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From the Bulletin of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 10 (January 1996)

Editorial Comment:

THE MILLION MAN MARCH was a remarkable accomplishment. The U.S. Park Service admitted that at least 400,000 black men showed up for the march. A remote sensing unit from Boston University estimated the crowd at more than 800,000. Either estimate overshadows the 250,000 turnout at the march sponsored by Martin Luther King 30 years ago. King had the support of the establishment and invited all races and both men and women. Louis Farrakhan, organizer of the Million Man March was opposed by the mass media and limited his march to African American men. Obviously, his militant separatist message had more appeal among black men than did King's integrationist appeal.

HOWEVER, the Million Man March, limited as it was to one race and sex, was not an event which is to be supported with public funding. If a white racist organization had organized a march of a million white men, we are quite sure that public funds of the city of Little Rock, for example, would not be spent to sent participants to that march.

NONETHELESS, the Task Force for Little Rock Youth did spend $6,000 of taxpayers' money to send 33 young black men to the Million Man March. When it was pointed out that this was highly irregular, Little Rock's city Board of Directors, meeting on October 18, 1995, voted by 9 to 1 (with one abstention) that the money must be repaid to the city of Little Rock.

That would seem to be an appropriate end to the matter, but such was not to be. At the following meeting of the Board of Directors, 150 African Americans showed up to protest the decision. On November 21st, the Board of Directors voted to rescind their previous vote by a vote 7 to 4.

IF EUROPEAN AMERICANS in Little Rock were organized in defense of their interests, they could show up at board meetings with an equal or greater number of counter-protestors. They are not, however, so organized. No organization made an appearance to defend the Board of Directors' vote. Consequently, the taxpayers of Little Rock have contributed $6,000 to Louis Farrakhan's crusade whether they like it or not.


PAUL GREENBERG, editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, in his column of November 14th, lamented and deplored the fact that Louis Farrakhan is anti-Semitic. We think that the best response to Greenberg's latest lament is the following paragraph excerpted from a letter by PHIL HOLT, of Prescott, Arkansas, which was published in the Little Rock Free Press:

"We feel sorry for the Goldman family. Jews have done so much for the civil rights movement. But it appears Jews have let the black genie out of the bottle and can't figure out how to get him back in. He who rides a tiger will find he cannot dismount."

Our congratulations go to Mr. Holt for the best letter to the editor which we have read in the past two months. Mr. Holt appreciates the irony of the situation, even if Mr. Greenberg cannot. Jews have been the prime mover behind the civil rights movement at least since 1948 when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the decision in "Shelley vs. Kramer" which struck down restrictive real estate covenants and thereby made impossible white neighborhoods (i.e., decent and safe neighborhoods) for white working people.

In 1961, two-thirds of the white Freedom Riders were Jews. Two-thirds of the white youths who participated as civil rights workers in the 1964 Mississippi Summer project were Jews. (see Jewish-American Culture: An Encyclopedia [New York: Garland Publishing, 1992], p. 455.)

Mr. Greenberg knows that the civil rights revolution was almost entirely a Jewish project, a product of Jewish personnel, brains, and money. The hope that his candidacy would restore the Jewish-black alliance probably explains the Democrat-Gazette's support of Colin Powell. Powell himself has been widely reported, in his biography and elsewhere, to be part Jewish as well as part negro.