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From the Bulletin of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 7 (July 1995)




In the 1990s, conservatives are demanding we retain Western values while liberals apparently want other values.

These other values have been called Oriental (Eastern), Jewish, Assyrian, or Syrian but are more correctly referred to as Levantine. Levantine refers to the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean.

The differences between Western and Levantine values are so profound and so irreconcilable that, unchecked, they will cause the destruction of America.

This article discusses one of these differences, "cause," especially as it relates to the cause of crime.

Are Men Controlled by Supernatural Forces?

Early in June of this year, Little Rock gang members murdered three black children in a shocking execution style killing. The Levantine view, as expressed by the press, contrasts sharply with the Western view.

The murdered children's father said it isn't the murders' fault. The murders are just victims of society. To him, the killers aren't evil, society is evil.

To the Western mind this seems insane. However, the mainstream media also provides a Levantine explanation for violent crime.

To the media, violent crimes are caused by "hate," "meanness," or "rage."They speak of these things as if they are a psychic plague in the atmosphere. Rage, the media says, causes black men to kill. Hate causes men to bomb a federal building. The gang's execution of the three children is caused by an atmosphere of meanness.

Sociology and Freudian psychology are two "sciences" permeated by Levantine thought. The dominant school of sociology believes that "social forces" cause crime.

While I was at the University of Oklahoma (OU), an extremely violent rapist was operating near the campus. He would instrumentally rape women with a butcher knife.

A newspaper contacted an OU sociologist who is an expert on deviant behavior . When asked what causes someone to do this, the sociologist answered that it probably wasn't the economy because the economy was beginning to improve.

He is serious about his explanation. He believes a bad economy, one of those "social forces," actually could cause someone to commit a hideous, disgusting crime. The rapist is not evil, the economy is evil.

Freud would have us believe that a person is bad because of some event that happened during his mother's pregnancy or because he secretly wants to have sex with his mother.

Even though Freud's bizarre theories have been proved wrong, psychiatrists, both professional and amateur, continue to use this type of nonsense as excuses for criminal behavior.

To a Levantine, of course, sociology and Freudian ideas are not nonsense but the truth. What is a logical explanation to the Levantine is sick to the Westerner.

Westerners Believe Men Are

Controlled by Their Will

To the Western mind, the cause of three black children's murder was a deliberate act of the gang members. It was not some supernatural force such as hate or society.

The cause was an evil and willful act. The killers are evil. The killers are to blame.

Do Inanimate Objects Cause Crimes?

The father of the slain children also blames guns. He fears guns. To him a gun and not the gang members killed his children. Guns are the cause. The murderers are not evil, guns are evil.

The father is sincere. He truly believes this. His mind is totally alien to the Western mind. We hear this same Levantine argument from the gun control advocates that dominate the establishment media.

The Western response is the phrase "guns don't kill people, people kill people." The idea that a two pound chuck of steal can cause a murder is absurd to the Western mind.

No explanation is needed to convince a Western mind that guns don't kill, and no explanation will persuade a Levantine mind that they do not. The views are irreconcilable.

Cultural Diversity

Those who promote cultural diversity insist that we adopt more Levantine values. However, we have been doing so since the beginning of this century. After World War II, the influence of Levantine thought has greatly accelerated. The results are obvious.

What is not so obvious is that Westerners are finally beginning to rebel against this irrational invasion of nonsense.

The era of tolerating preposterous thinking is over. We cannot tolerate the destruction of the future.