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From the BULLETIN of the Arkansas C.C.C. Issue Number 12, April 1996, Pages 1-2.




Everyone reading this is aware of the distortions of the mainstream media, especially in their news departments. The media invented the "social responsibility" theory, not only to indoctrinate young journalism students, but also to rationalize and justify their own bias.

The previous news reporting theory, called "libertarian" reporting, was based on the ideas of the early patriots, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Libertarian reporting allowed no holding back on the facts except for defamation, wartime sedition, and obscenity. To our founding fathers withholding part of the truth — a lie of omission — was just as atrocious as printing an outright lie.

After the massive race riots of the 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson appointed a commission to look into the riots. After all, the bad publicity generated by the riots did not fit LBJ's vision of a "Great Society."In a nutshell, his Presidential Commission said the media should no longer report facts in a straight forward manner.

Instead of factual reporting, "socially responsible" reporters should ignore what is actually happening and report the "truth behind the facts."For example, during a riot a "socially responsible" reporter tones down or does not report actual facts. Preferably, the reporter should focus on abstract causes such as poverty and "institutionalized racism."

We saw the "social responsibility theory" in practice during the Rodney King riots. The media spent much of its time in idle speculation about deep underlying causes rather than reporting the actual events as they were occurring. One Los Angeles female news anchor was heavily criticized for being too blunt. Her critics wanted her to discuss the "truth behind the facts," which is "newsspeak" for inventing excuses for the lawbreakers.

Almost every media person today ignores the advise of the patriots and has adopted the "social responsibility theory." A recent and more local example occurred in the January 14, 1996, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's four page series of articles on murders in Little Rock in 1995.

The articles discussed sociological causes of crime and the various law enforcement solutions that are being tried. The paper included a graph showing the declining number of black male murder victims. Not mentioned was the race of the murders.

The Gazette did accidentally let the truth out. The articles included a picture of all the murder victims and data under each picture included (where it was know) the race of the murderer. By summing up the murderers, I was able to determine that 39 of the 43 murderers were black. Whites murdered 3 whites and no blacks. Blacks murdered 24 blacks, 5 whites and 1 Arab. The population of Little Rock is 65 percent white and 34 percent black.

The facts in the previous paragraph are clearly significant and should have been printed by the Gazette. Armed with these facts each is able to draw his or her own conclusions.

Social responsibility theory is not a problem in itself. It is only a symptom of the underlying deceitfulness of the breed who control the media. Social responsibility theory is just a name that unscrupulous media overseers invented as a cover for their alien ideas. These alien ideas include a relentless hostility toward whites and toward the white values of patriotism, honor, and hard work. Time is growing short. What are you doing today to save your people's future?